Mark Wahlberg Spoils the Oscars Results (Unless He's Making Them Up)

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Mark Wahlberg says a friend at the firm charged with tallying Oscar votes has told him all the Academy Award winners in advance of this weekend's ceremony, and he's out to spoil it for the rest of us by revealing them to the Huffington Post UK. PriceWaterhouse Cooper is charged with tallying the votes every year, and Wahlberg says a friend there gave him the goods. So, looks like there's no need to watch the long, probably dull ceremony this year.

... Unless of course, you don't believe Wahlberg, and recall that he tends to exaggerate. Also Wahlberg's betting on the heavily favored The Artist to win Best Picture (we'll leave you to go find the rest of his picks, you know, just in case he's right and we are running with a bunch of spoilers.) That film is so overwhelmingly expected to win, he probably could've been tipped off by knowing how to read The Hollywood Reporter.

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