Maggie Gyllenhaal Shirks Park Slope Co-Op Shift; Anna Wintour Won't Do Revolving Doors

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning, we bring you the gossip coverage filtered. Today: Accusations fly that celebrities are sending "minions" to cover their shifts at the Park Slope Co-op, the Vogue editor had a brief run-in with a revolving door over the weekend, and the Senate barbershop gets a bailout.

Uh-oh: sources say that some "Brooklyn boldfaces" -- including Maggie Gyllenhaal -- have been sending "minions" to work their monthly two-hour, 45 minute shifts at the Park Slope Food Co-op. Which really seems like it shouldn't be a problem, just as long as the shifts are getting covered, but some non-celebrity members of the Co-op resent it, including the Brooklynite who told Page Six: "I had to hire baby sitters at night to take care of my kids while I did my shifts. It’s ridiculous!” Indeed! As for Gyllenhaal, there's some debate as to whether she's one of the celebrity shirkers. One source says that she's done some of her shifts, but has also been "sending somebody else" to do it for her on occasion. Another source says Gyllenhaal "definitely has done her own shifts," and suggests the reason she's not always seen is because she elects not to "do her shifts on the floor," because she doesn't want people to be starstruck when they see the lady from The Dark Knight. (Very thoughtful, that Maggie Gyllenhaal.) Gyllenhaal's rep denies the actress has been outsourcing her Co-op duties, noting she doesn't even have a personal assistant. "Who would go?" the rep asks. "She doesn’t have anyone in her employ except me, and I don’t do it.”  [Page Six]

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Our favorite Fashion Week story to date involves Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who was apparently "momentarily stymied" by a revolving door as she tried entering the IAC building to attend the Prabal Gurung show on Saturday. Now, we are flummoxed by revolving doors on a near-daily basis, but usually only once we are trapped inside the spinning apparatus. But according to a source, Wintour didn't make it that far: upon seeing the revolving doors, she declared (in what the source describes as "a pissed off tone") "How do we get in?" Which supposedly prompted a photographer to reply, "The door... in front of you?" In the end, Wintour opted to enter via non-spinning side door.  [New York Daily News]

The Senate barber shop posted a loss of $300,000 last year, but the Senate's sergeant-at-arms confirmed the institution received "an infusion from Senate coffers" in order to stay in business. No wonder, since a haircut costs just $27, yet the shop's four stylists have annual salaries of $54,761; $70,349; $73,658, and $81,641, with paid vacation time, and a "generous" 401(k) plan. All told, according to the Senate Appropriations committee, the government supplies $230,000 in benefits to the shop. [The Daily]

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde "kept a respectable distance" from each other while watching The Kills perform at the Boom Boom Room in New York City on Thursday, even though they're dating, and theoretically should have been enjoying the show together. Under ordinary circumstances, that wouldn't be a good sign, but back in December, Sudeikis and Wilde didn't allow anyone to take their picture at an SNL-afterparty, so this is clearly part of a conscious strategy to maintain radio silence on something everyone already knows about.   [Page Six]

Well this is nice: Kate Middleton is going to join Queen Elizabeth and her stepmother-in-law Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, for high tea on March 1. The event, which will be held at Fortnum and Mason's department store in Picadilly, is being billed as an "official engagement" for the three royal ladies, and is going to be one of two "official" events for Kate while Prince William is away in the Falkland Islands. [People]

Rick Santorum was spotted having lunch with his wife, daughter, and a handful of advisers at McCormick & Schmick's in Tysons Corner on Friday. The would-be GOP presidential nominee had a Guinness, plus "calamari and quesadillas," followed by "tuna and California rolls." He also -- somewhat hilariously -- was heard asking the chef if the sushi was cooked. [The Reliable Source]

Amanda Seyfried is single. Apparently, the Los Angeles broker she was seeing "pulled the plug on the relationship" last Thursday. The good news, per Gatecrasher, is that they were only "casually dating."  [Gatecrasher]

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