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To keep track of all the Linsanity, Wall Street Journal reporter and programmer Jeremy Singer-Vine created a one-stop Internet shop for the Web's best Jeremy Lin related offerings: Linstapaper. Borrowing both its concept and name from the über-popular app, Instapaper, Linstapaper aggregates interesting reads about the Knicks sensation and enables readers to "save for later," allowing offline readability. Perfect for some J-Lin catch-up, especially for those, who have thus far sat out this Linsanity craze, like Instapaper founder Marco Arment. "I honestly had to look him up on Wikipedia when I first saw Linstapaper to know what the big deal was," Ament told The Atlantic Wire. "But the fact that Linstapaper exists is, to me, a great honor." 

Unable to resist a good pun, Singer-Vine first created the site as a joke, he noted on his twitter. But, three days in, and his hand-curated site has gotten lots of attention.  

Talk about Linstant success.

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