Lindsay Lohan Is Hosting 'SNL' Again; Bill Clinton's Unappetizing Dinner

Also: Bobby Brown had a brief stay at the blackjack table following Whitney Houston's funeral, Reese Witherspoon remains a charmer, and Oliver Stone's son converts to Islam.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today:  Bobby Brown had a brief stay at the blackjack table following Whitney Houston's funeral, Reese Witherspoon remains a charmer, and Oliver Stone's son converts to Islam.

Lindsay Lohan is hosting Saturday Night Live on March 3. Really, it's true. Apparently she got the gig without the help of her mother, Dina, who a source says had "nothing to do" with booking the appearance, even though the scuttlebutt is she's still (mis)managing her daughter's career. Per the source, Lohan landed the gig all by herself, via a direct appeal to SNL impresario Lorne Michaels "whom she reportedly sees as a father figure." Awwww. [Gatecrasher]

Oh, dear: a bodyguard who was travelling with White House party crasher Michaele Salahi and Journey's Neal Schon was arrested at LaGuardia Airport for carrying a gun and charged with possession of weapon in the third degree. The gun was found in luggage labeled as belonging to Salahi, according to a Port Authority spokesman, but that was apparently just a mix-up. [New York Daily News]

Oliver Stone's son Sean -- director of the yet-to-be-released horror film Graystone -- only converted to Islam last week in Iran. but tells Page Six he's "already experienced the reverse of anti-Semitism, having people within the film industry express a reluctance to work with me now." He also confidently predicts he's "[bleeped] off a lot of people in this town," though he says all he wants to do is "open up a dialogue about religion." He adds that he considers himself "a Jewish Christian Muslim." [Page Six]

Bill and Hillary Clinton (and friends) had dinner at 1789 in Georgetown on Friday night. The former president -- who it should be noted is now a vegan--gets the award for least-appetizing meal of the long weekend: cauliflower soup, a vegetable plate, accompanied by a glass of port. [The Reliable Source]

After appearing at ex-wife Whitney Houston's funeral in New Jersey for "a short time" on Saturday, Bobby Brown hopped on a private jet that took him to Connecticut, where he performed later in the evening at the Mohegan Sun casino with his band New Edition. After a post-performance dinner, Brown and his entourage went to the casino, with Brown grabbing a seat at a $500 minimum bet blackjack table. He didn't stay long, moving on after 20 minutes. Says an eyewitness: "In the end, it looked like his heart wasn't in it. No one gambles for 20 minutes." [People]

All that speculation last week that Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and wife Vanessa Bryant would be calling off their divorce just because they were photographed necking at halftime looks like it was just that: speculation. Vanessa -- who would be receiving three houses under the terms of the $75 million divorce agreement they agreed to last month -- is said to be apartment-hunting in New York City. Part of the reason she wants to get away from Los Angeles, according to a source, is because she "thinks Lakers fans and Lakers wives don't like her," a problem moving 3,000 miles away would certainly help address. [TMZ]

Reese Witherspoon's movies may have slowly become flat and depressing but she made a lovely impression on patrons at Serafina at the Time Hotel in New York City when she dropped in for a drink during intermission of a recent performance of The Book of Mormon. Witherspoon, who was accompanied by "a friend, a bodyguard and a driver" reportedly had a glass of pinot noir at the bar. A sources says she was "really chatty with the bartender... friendly, bubbly and made a good impression on everyone.” In other words: a delight! Like the kind of character Reese Witherspoon used to play. [Page Six]

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