Knicks Sensation Jeremy Lin Inspires T-Shirt Designers

The sudden emergence of the Knicks superstar guard has also brought out the best in our unlicensed T-shirt designers

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In just three starts, New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has revived his team's playoff hopes, challenged old stereotypes about  Asian-American athletes, and cemented his place as the greatest NBA combo guard ever to attend Harvard. While the league and Reebok scramble to design and ship their officially branded Jeremy Lin gear, the good people who sell shirts on eBay and out of large black trash bags outside of arenas and stadiums are already producing a variety of designs to serve any taste. Our guide to the best unofficial, unlicensed Jeremy Lin shirts currently available on eBay

The Twitter hashtag that started it all. A clean, classic look, but silly enough to let people know you didn't buy it from Reebok and James Dolan.

In addition to Knicks blue, Linsanity shirts also come in gray. We like the Clip Art  basketball on this one.

Not fully ready to succumb to Linmania? Understandable. It has only been three games, and Washington, New Jersey, and Utah are a far cry from the 1998 Bulls. Go with the generic J-Lin option. It will show you're aware of Lin's presence, but have doubts about his long-term potential.

We wish it said WWJLD, but that's just a quibble. (If you're wondering, the answer is: shred the Wizards defense and deliver the most exciting slam dunk by a Harvard grad in human history.)

For fans of puns and wordy shirts that can't actually be read while on your body. If the Knicks make the playoffs, expect "Lin or Go Home" to be added on there somewhere.

We're not crazy about the thin material and the fact it doesn't come in blue, but we love -- love -- the design on the modified Knicks logo. And the pun is also a keeper.

We would buy this option -- which comes from, not eBay -- right now if we could remember our Pay Pal password. And we don't even like the Knicks or the Mets.

Love the orange silhouette. Not as crazy about the ash grey. These really need a compelling reason not to be blue.

The best off-brand Jeremy Lin shirt money can buy. This feels like the kind of thing that, in two days, is going to go for three hundred bucks on eBay and multiple celebrities are going to be photographed wearing beneath a rumpled corduroy blazer. So buy now, before some terrible flaw in his game emerges and the bubble bursts.

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