John Stamos Forever

John Stamos might have a series again, George Lucas corrects the fanboys, and the gay return of Ethan Embry.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: John Stamos might have a series again, George Lucas corrects the fanboys, and the gay return of Ethan Embry.

Have mercy! (Ugh. No more Full House jokes.) Jake in Progress star John Stamos has landed a leading role on a new Fox sitcom pilot called Little Brother. In it, the Wedding Wars actor will play a guy who finds out he has a brother he never knew and that he's an ex-con. Comedian T.J. Miller will play the ex-con while Stamos, known to American audiences as the star of How to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas Tale, will play the regular brother. So another possible TV project for John Stamos! Man, this guy is indelible. Though, remember when he was supposed to be, like, joining the cast of Glee? And then they eventually remembered that, oh right, it's virtually impossible to add adults to that cast because nobody cares about the adults? Oh, well. This new show here is making up for the Glee debacle (debacle may be a big word maybe, but just go with it) and Stamos might soon be on the air again, which is how things should be. Didn't you love him on Thieves?? [Deadline]

Haha, oh, god. Hold onto your lightsabers! Actually, ew, no, don't do that, um, hold onto your... star... wars. Whatever! Here's the news: George Lucas is now saying that in the first Star Wars, when Han and Greedo the Alien are at the Mos Eisley Cantina and they've got their blasters out (those are guns, guys, laser guns, just cool it) that he didn't later edit it so Han doesn't shoot first. That makes no sense to you, right? OK, the thing is in the original theatrical release, Han Solo shot the Alien first but for the 1997 rerelease George Lucas reedited so Greedo shoots first so Han is only acting in self-defense and doesn't appear to be a coldblooded murder. That inspired fan outcry and everything but that was 14 years ago. Just read this for details. Well, now the films are being rerereleased in 3D, so Lucas has brought it up again and says, nope, it was always Greedo who shot first, the 1997 edit was just an effort to go back in and make that clear. And we should believe him, probably. Because if there's one thing George Lucas has never done it's go back and ruin his old movies. Never ever. Just not a thing he would do. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Look! Ethan Embry is back! Remember Ethan Embry (formerly Randall)? He was in Dutch and Empire Records and Can't Hardly Wait and That Thing You Do!? He was a big deal in the '90s, basically. Well now he's just been cast in the pilot The Frontier, about settlers in the 1840s. And, like he did in Sweet Home Alabama, he'll be playing a secretly gay person married to a woman! Who's also secretly gay. So wait, NBC (the show's network) just took the secret gay marrieds plotline from The Playboy Club and put it in the Old West? That's... Eh, well, that's fine. It was an interesting plotline in the 1960s, it'll be interesting in the 1840s. Maybe more so! Plus, it now has more Ethan Embry! [Deadline]

Well, this is nice. Melissa McCarthy's husband, who played the air marshall in Bridesmaids, will now be starring on a CBS sitcom pilot produced by his wife. Nick Falcone wasn't going to star on the show, but now he is. Hm! Pays to have an Oscar nomination in the family, apparently! The ol' lady just makes one phone call and boom, you're the lead on a new TV pilot on a network that makes nothin' but hits. (Well, yes, of course they make non hits, but they also have a lot of hits!) Nicely played, everyone. Best of luck, Mr. Falcone. Please, god, quit Mike & Molly, Ms. McCarthy. [Deadline]

Hunger Games? Sort of Hunger Games? Here is a "sneak peek" of Taylor Swift's new song that she wrote for The Hunger Games. It's like three seconds of her walking in the woods in a white dress and singing. So it's actually mostly a video about MTV veejay Sway wearing a T-shirt that says "Taylor Gang" on it. So if you want to watch a video of that, interrupted briefly by some sort of deerling warbling in a wood, then this here is the video for you.

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And here is a trailer for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, a comedy about the apocalypse starring Steve Carell and Keira Knightley. Which is a totally sensical pairing of actors. Absolutely makes sense. The only pairing that would make just a little more sense would be Tina Fey and Douglas Booth. Or possibly Ed Helms and Estella from Great Expectations. These are just all very sensical pairings that you will probably be seeing at the movies sometime soon. Well, you'll definitely be seeing Carell and Knightley. And a whole bunch of other people. This movie actually looks pretty good! I mean, Connie Britton's in the damn thing! Very promising. Will see.

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