Jeremy Lin's 8th Grade Yearbook Hits eBay; Lance Armstrong is a Triathlete

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Today in sports: A middle school yearbook featuring the Knicks guard can be yours now for only $4,800, Billy Beane signs Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes, and former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss announces plans for a comeback.

Former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss announced Monday -- his 35th birthday, coincidentally -- that he's planning an NFL comeback. That's good news for those teams in the market fo acquire a mercurial but explosively talented veteran receiver. Moss made the announcement via a UStream.TV video in which he also held a bag full of his own hair. (At least he said it was his own hair.) Moss retired following the 2010 season. [PFT]

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Liverpool striker Luis Suarez apologized yesterday for refusing to shake hands with Manchester United's Patrice Evra prior to kickoff Saturday following "direct intervention" by Tom Werner and John Henry, the leaders of Fenway Sports Group, the American investment group that runs both Liverpool and the Boston Red Sox. Suarez's apology came after a blistering New York Times piece calling on Werner and Henry to "repair [Liverpool's] global image fast." (It should be noted that as of September, The New York Times Company owned 7% of Fenway Sports Group.) The apology from Suarez -- who in December was suspended eight games following an incident where he yelled a racial slur at Evra -- also didn't stop British Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt from announcing plans to meet with Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the issue of racism in soccer later in the month. On Monday, Standard Chartered -- the company that pays a reported $31.5 million a year to sponsor Liverpool's jerseys -- announced in a statement they were "very disappointed" with the incident and had already "discussed our concerns with the club." [The Telegraph]

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Not satisfied with the selection of unlicensed Jeremy Lin t-shirts on eBay? You might want to consider purchasing the Knicks guard's 8th grade yearbook, which you buy now for just $4,800. It's also signed! [Buzz Feed via The New York Observer]

The London Summer Games don't start for another five months, but NBC Universal says ad sales are already over the $900 million mark. By way of comparison, the 2008 Beijing Games generated just $850 million in total ad revenue, though the broadcast rights for the Beijing Games cost NBC $893 million, compared to $1.18 billion for the London Games.  [The New York Times]

In Panama yesterday, Lance Armstrong competed in his first professional triathlon. He came in second, an amazing achievement that, in somewhat typical Armstrong fashion, is being overshadowed by reports he refused to promptly shake hands with winner Bevan Docherty when the race was over. In Armstrong's defense, the initial snub came right after the race's 16.5 mile running leg, and according to Dockerty, they did shake hands "a little bit later."  [The Guardian]

The Oakland A's have signed 26-year-old Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes to a four-year contract worth $36 million. The expectation was that Cespedes was all set to sign with the Miami Marlins, but reportedly Oakland general manager Billy Beane -- who will be attending the Academy Awards later this month in support of Moneyball -- scraped together a richer offer. The sad news is, this likely means Oakland will no longer be interested in luring Manny Ramirez out of retirement to play left field.  [Yahoo Sports]

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