James Franco Adapts Cormac McCarthy; The 'Luck' Horses Are Dying

Also: A John Galliano sighting in London, Karl Lagerfeld touches the Adele third-rail, M.I.A.'s marriage may be on the rocks, and Demi Moore's meeting with intuitive healers and mediums in rehab.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Also: A John Galliano sighting in London, Karl Lagerfeld touches the Adele third-rail, M.I.A.'s marriage may be on the rocks, and Demi Moore's meeting with intuitive healers and mediums in rehab.

Uh-oh: Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld has gone and called Adele "a little too fat" in an interview with the Parisian freebie newspaper Metro. He also said she has a "beautiful face and a divine voice," but people are mostly focusing on the fat remark, which is fair, because it wasn't a nice thing to say. It would be like making fun of Karl Lagerfeld for weather leather, haute couture glovelettes during a visit to the Metro newsroom.  [Metro via The Cut via Jezebel]

Former Christian Dior designer John Galliano was spotted in London attending a birthday party over the weekend. According to a witness, Galliano was "very sober" and "very demure" during the event, a marked change-of-pace for Galliano, whose propensity to launch into drunken anti-Semitic tirades in public cost him his job last year.   [Page Six]

You may have heard that M.I.A. has been in the news lately, which inspired Gatecrasher to check in on the state of her marriage to Seagram's fortune heir Benjamin Bronfmann and their report is not good for anyone rooting for their romance: "One insider tells us that M.I.A., 36, is spending most of her time in her native London, while Bronfman, 29, and their progeny, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman , who turns 3 on Saturday, are living in New York. The source adds that Ben’s mother, philanthropist Sherry Bronfman , is helping to take care of his son. Another source says that M.I.A., whose real name is Mathangi (Maya) Arulpragasam, 'sometimes goes six weeks without seeing' Ikhyd." [Gatecrasher]

We adored the first two episodes of Luck, but concede the show's rose-tinted view of racetrack life is a tough sell if you don't like some combination of gambling, horse racing, Michael Mann, and/or David Milch. That's only going to get tougher in the wake of the news that two horses used in the first season had to be destroyed after suffering injuries during production. The first was euthanized after suffering a broken leg while filming the pilot episode (in that episode, there's a very sad scene where a horse is shown breaking her leg and being put down on the race, but HBO says that's not the horse in question). The second horse suffered a severed leg fracture and was euthanized during filming the seventh episode. Both deaths happened while filming "short race scenes." HBO tells The New York Observer that production on the show was halted after the second death. After the second accident, the network says filming was suspended "while the production worked with [American Humane Association] and racing industry experts to adopt additional protocols specifically for horse racing sequences." These new measures, per HBO, "included but were not limited to the hiring of an additional veterinarian and radiography of the legs of all horses being used by the production."  [The New York Observer]

Demi Moore has reportedly checked into into Cirque Lodge, a very, very fancy rehab clinic in Sundance, Utah. A source says that Moore checked herself a week after herstrange and sad hospitalization last month, which the press didn't pick up on for at least a week. According to a "rehab source" (ugh), Moore's being treated "for both an eating disorder and addiction issues" and has been "consulting with an intuitive healer and psychic medium" during her stay. Bruce Willis has also been hanging around.  [E Online via Page Six]

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson is going to be giving to spring commencement speech at Bard College. Commencie award  handicappers have already installed her as a 3-to-1 favorite to deliver the most puppy-centric speech of the season [Capital]

James Franco -- who adorably wanted to direct the screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's sprawling and savage Blood Meridian -- has adjusted his sights, and has started filming an adaptation of McCarthy's Child of God -- about a crazy man who lives in a cave -- in West Virginia. He also wrote the script and is playing the lead [Vulture]

Stars: just like us! For example, David Beckham was recently kicked out of his daughter's soccer game in Los Angeles for badgering the referee. So, so like us.  [Us Weekly]

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