HBO's Wonderful Black History Month Movie Collection

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Like it or not February is Black History Month. And everyone is getting involved! HBO, for example, has put together a little collection of appropriate Black History Month films that really fully capture the black experience. As comedian Max Silvestri notes, what could be more apropos to Black History than the post-apocalyptic action picture The Book of Eli?? (Black Future Month?) The rest of the films are equally well-chosen.

Amistad? Sure, absolutely. Sister Act? There's really only one black person in that, but why the hell not. But Event Horizon is a horror nightmare movie set in outer space in the future. The presence of Laurence Fishburne doesn't quite qualify it for this, we don't think. But oh well! Who's to say really what makes something black or historical. Watch away, everyone!

(h/t Max Silvestri)

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