Comcast Is the Latest to Launch a Netflix Competitor

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As more and more consumers move to cut the cord, Comcast is the latest major media company to announce its entrance into the streaming video business. And like Netflix before it with Qwikster, the cable company's chosen a truly terrible name for it's new online component: Xfinity Streampix. "The new service, which will launch on Thursday, is separate from Comcast's existing Xfinity TV offering, which gives a selection of newer shows to Comcast video customers in and out of the home as part of their standard video subscriptions," explains The Wall Street Journal's Sam Schechner. Streampix, he adds, " will give existing Comcast video customers a similar selection of old TV shows and movies over the Web," just like Netflix, Amazon, Verizon, Walmart, Apple and a few others offering similar services, although with Comcast owning NBC Universal, expect lots of NBC TV and Universal movies. While it's unclear how many movies and TV shows the Streampix library will contain, it's certainly looking competitive price-wise, costing a cool $4.99 a month. Just think: for less than $10 you could be enjoying a footlong Subway sandwich, watching Lost and not moving a muscle. God bless America.

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