Cameron Diaz 'Blackballed' Post Oscar; Uggie Treated as Top Dog

The best Oscar after-party moments, including Sean Young's arrest, Cameron Diaz's blackballing, and Madonna's over-the-top Gucci party favors. 

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: The best Oscar after-party moments, including an arrest, a blackballing, and Madonna's over-the-top Gucci party favors. 

How eager was Madonna to have boldfaced names turn out for the after-party she was hosted at manager Guy Oseary's house? Very eager. Eager enough, according to a source, to bring in a "Gucci artisan" from Florence to hand-emboss the names of VIPs on pieces of luggage that she was handing out as party favors. [Page Six]

One notable name not welcome at the Madonna shindig: Cameron Diaz. Apparently, Demi Moore -- who co-hosted the party with Madonna for the past two years --  had Diaz "blackballed" from the bash for flirting with Ashton Kutcher at a Golden Globes party last month.  [The Mirror]

It wasn't a hand-embossed suitcase, but attendees at Vanity Fair's pre-after-party dinner received Zippo lighters engraved with a quote from Christopher Hitchens: “Everyone has a book inside them, which is exactly where I think it should, in most cases, remain.” Brett Ratner and Sacha Baron Cohen were among those who opted to attend the dinner over the actual event [Page Six]

About that Vanity Fair party at the Sunset Tower Hotel: more than 600 people attended, including Hollywood royalty like Michael and Kirk Douglas, and real-life royalty like Prince Albert of Monaco and wife Grace Wittenberg. Guests downed 420 bottles of champagne and more than 800 In-N-Out burgers. [The Daily Mail]

The most notable arrest of the evening came at the Governors Ball, where Sean Young was placed under citizens arrest by security and eventually booked on charges on misdemeanor battery by the LAPD. Sources tell TMZ Young got "physical" with a security guard at the event. She's blaming the whole thing on the Academy's lawyer. [TMZ]

George Clooney did not win Best Actor, but managed to co-host a dinner with CAA agent Bryan Lourd at Craig's in West Hollywood that got underway just as the Vanity Fair party was winding down. [Page Six]

On Saturday night Bradley Cooper attended the Weinstein Co.'s party at Soho House West Hollywood with his mom, sister, and girlfriend Zoe Saldana, where he bumped into his rumored ex Scarlett Johansson, who was there with her new boyfriend Nate Naylor. The encounter didn't throw Cooper, who also "did not let his mom’s presence deter him from engaging in a makeout session with Saldana." Good for him! Also at the event: a newly rehabbed Gerard Butler, who was also at the Vanity Fair party last night. [Gatecrasher]

It was a very good weekend for the football documentary Undefeated, which won Best Documentary Feature. Apparently, the White House requested a print for a screening at some point over the weekend. [Page Six]

It probably wasn't a surprise after he wore $120,000 worth of diamonds to the Weinstein Co.'s party on Saturday night and had his picture taken with Katy Perry, but Uggie -- the dog from The Artist -- got to sit in his own special booth last night at the Weinstein's party at the Mondrian Hotel. [Hollywood Elsewhere]

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