Bourne Is Back, Sort Of

A new Bourne movie without the Bourne, Carrie Bradshaw rides again, and so do Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: A new Bourne movie without the Bourne, Carrie Bradshaw rides again, and so do Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Here is a trailer for the new Bourne movie The Bourne Legacy, about Jason Bourne living quietly in Kansas and taking walks and reading the paper and dating a nice gal who works at the local lunch counter. Well, maybe that's what he's doing! We don't know! The point is, this Bourne movie is not about Jason Bourne at all, but rather a new renegade superspy played by Jeremy Renner. Joan Allen and David Strathairn are back as their same parts from the previous movies, but the main guy and the story are different. So that could stink potentially, but we don't think it will. Tony Gilroy, who wrote the previous three Bourne movies, has written and directed this one, so that is promising. Plus it's a great cast. There are the aforementioned people, plus Rachel Weisz, Albert Finney, Edward Norton, Corey Stoll, and, in one scene at least, Juliette Simone herself, Donna Murphy! That's a pretty exciting group and this is a pretty exciting trailer, so we're just gonna go ahead and be excited about this. If you don't like it you'll just have to beat us up with a rolled-up magazine.

So that was good news, here is slightly less good news. You know how The Carrie Diaries, a Sex and the City prequel, is going to be a new show on The CW? Yeah, it is. So they're now teasing sorta details about the show and this is one of them, from CW's head of programming: "Basically how we frame the show is: ‘Carrie at 16 found her first love and it’s not a boy — it’s Man-hattan.’ The other unique aspect is obviously the time period.” So wait, CW's head of programming is Samantha Jones? Because only Samantha Jones says "Man-hattan." So that should be... interesting. It will be weird to watch Carrie flirt with Manhattan and go on dates with Manhattan and make out with Manhattan ("Hey lady, don't kiss the subway! That's freakin' horrible!"), but that's what the show is going to be, so we'll just have to deal with it. Carrie's "first time" with Manhattan will be awkward ("Aw, geez, lady, what're you doin' to that fire hydrant? This is a frickin' disastuh!") but as Samantha would say, "When in Rome, do a Roman." No idea what that has to do with this situation, but there it is. [Entertainment Weekly]

Natalie Portman has just booked her first two gigs since two small men entered her life. For her first post-Oscar, post-baby roles she'll be appearing alongside Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale in Terrence Malick's next two films. All three will be in both, so it'll be like a little repertory company practically. An impossibly attractive repertory company. This seems like a good choice for Portman, who should probably try to capitalize on her art cred rather than her fame stuff, the fame stuff leading mostly to another No Strings Attached or whatever. Fame and fortune are all well and good, but they don't typically earn you more little men. Well, depending on how nice you are to your fans, anyway. [Deadline]

Finally. We've flown to Rome once a week and lit candles at the Vatican, we've unearthed a hundred genie lamps and squandered all our wishes, we've made sacrifices to the great sun god in the sky, and now, finally, it's all paid off. We will get another pairing of Wedding Crashers duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in a movie. Ah, at long last. Better yet, it will be directed by auteur Shawn Levy, the visionary director behind such wonderments as Cheaper by the Dozen and the Pepper Dennis pilot. The movie will be called Interns, and will be about two grownups who decide to become interns at a Google-esque company so they can start over and strike it rich. So hold onto your butts everyone, because comedy is coming to town. [Vulture]

Draco "Tom Felton" Malfoy has been cast in a new movie version of the Émile Zola story Therese Raquin, about an adulterous woman who murders her husband and is later haunted by his ghost. Poor Draco will be the murdered party, though he at least will have the pleasure of being murdered by Elizabeth Olsen. If you're gonna go out, there are certainly worse ways. Plus it'd be kind of fun to be a vengeful ghost. No word yet on who will play Olsen's lover, though we're betting it'll be Seamus Finnigan. [Deadline]

HBO has decided to give the fictitious network in the upcoming show The Newsroom the name ACN, which stands for Atlantis Cable News, which is part of Atlantis World Media, the huge conglomerate owned by the character played by Jane Fonda. Nice thinking, Fonda. "Let's name my company after something that sunk." Anyway, here's the logo! [TV Newser]

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