Presenting the Best of the Altered 'Mad Men' Subway Posters

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Do you love Mad Men like we love Mad Men? Have you been waiting so long for the show to begin its fifth season that you barely even remember where we left off? (Was it on a couch? In an office? With a drink or a cigarette in hand? It's all so fuzzy now.) If so, take comfort in the fact that the show will be back on March 25. And, in the meantime, you can gaze upon altered subway posters that depict mad men falling onto various things, to occasionally great comedic effect. 

Inspired by sightings of the work of "marker wielding artists," who drew things from butts to sharks to whales to pepper-spraying cops to entire poolside habitats for the precariously falling man -- he is all of us! -- to fall into, Gothamist's Garth Johnston challenged readers to come up with designs of their own, and even helpfully offered up a blank canvas for people to draw, or Photoshop, on. Our favorites follow, with commentary.  

There's something almost Dali about this one!

There's something almost Magritte about this one!

Our mother would deem this appropriate for hanging upon the refrigerator, so we know it's good.

The classic Picasso lines paired with inner Beavis-and-Butthead hehehs makes this an instant highbrow-lowbrow piece of art to cherish for many years to come. 

We like this because the whale is so happy

We like this because we like spaghetti.

This, obviously, had to happen. 

There are more altered subway posters here and here. And here! And if all else fails, watch the countdown clock. 

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