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Much hay has been made this week about the sexyyy new ad campaign for Oscar nominee Jean Dujardin's new movie Les Infideles. While les infideles actually translates to "the players," it sure looks like infidelity to us dumb-dumb Americans. In these Newt-shaming times, are people really trying to sell adultery? In the posters, Dujardin stands while rakishly gazing at a pair of upturned woman's legs (there are two other, perhaps more provocative posters too). 

And judging by the new Mad Men taxi ad above, yup they are! "Adultery Is Back" reads a sign touting next month's fifth-season premiere of AMC's 1960s-set series. How risque! How scandalous! How kinda lame. Not that we're some creaky old traditionalists who value monogamy above all else, but making that of all things the selling point for a brilliant, beautiful show seems a little silly.

This current trendlet is actually about a year old, as Bloomberg Businessweek did a cover (for a story about adultery dating service Ashley Madison) that was near-identical to the Les Infideles poster (minus the man) last February. (And we learned this week that magazine covers are mostly about advertising.) Sure, that's just three examples over a year, but what if this mini-phenomenon turns into a full-blown Thing?? What moraless cesspool of a nation will we have become then? Loose ethics? In advertising? Truly shocking.

Or not that shocking at all if you watch Mad Men. Adultery Is Back on Sunday, March 25th at 10pm, only on AMC.

Top photograph by Alex Nuñez, used by permission.

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