Adios, Paz de la Huerta

Today: Paz de la Huerta loses a job, a certain pilot seems suspicious, and two Australians get sexily stranded.  

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Paz de la Huerta loses a job, a certain pilot seems suspicious, and two Australians get sexily stranded.  

Word came today that Paz de la Huerta, witch-enchanted dream-bat and New York-based actress, will not be appearing on season three of Boardwalk Empire, the show that made her a household (but only a certain type of household) name. In the past season, her character gave birth to an illegitimate baby and ran out on the kid, and that's the last we saw of her. So, it seems Paz is done. Too bad! She's a wackadoo for sure, but she's our wackadoo. Oh well. You'll still be able to see her if you wait near the doors of nightclubs and various hotels, slumping out from the front door and oozing into the nearest storm drain. [TV Line]

Here is a very interesting breakdown of every pilot ordered by the five major networks this pilot season. Many things sound bad (shows about bloggers, a show about people that work at Groupon, a show about "three nerdy female friends on their 'funcomfortable' quest to have 'super fun' every Friday night"), others sound ambitious (a show set in 1895 New York, another in 1840s pioneer times), and one sounds very familiar. Take this show idea, written by us three months ago: "Abby Marconi, about a dedicated surgeon who also acts as a mob doctor for her brother and his fellow gangsters. The high-profile world of specialized surgery mixes with the underground workings of organized crime in this emotional thriller series." OK? Now read this: "A young female thoracic surgeon who becomes indebted to the South Chicago mafia is forced to moonlight as a 'mob doctor' while also working full-time at Chicago's most prominent hospital." Verrryyyyy interesting, eh? Very interesting indeed. Though, of course, ours was kind of a joke show idea, and this is actually just real. So. If you stole (they did not steal), joke's on you, jerks. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Well, so, OK. The boss not looking? No one peering over your shoulder on the train? Then let's make this quick: Remember how Lifetime: Television For Sex Accidents is doing a new version of The Blue Lagoon, that bizarre and upsetting movie about two tawny teenagers stranded on an island together and eventually coming to sex-love each other? Well, they've cast their two teenagers, both from the Australian soap Home and Away. There's Indiana Evans, who looks like this, and then Brenton Thwaites, who looks like this. So, let's just all take a moment to feel uncomfortable and old and fat and not Australian and just feel really bad, feeling worst about the fact that we're kind of excited to see this movie and so should probably be sent to jail. Let's just take a moment to let that all wash over us and then let's move on with our days. OK? [Deadline]

We already know that almost two times the population of France watched the Super Bowl last night, but how many people watched our favorite show The Voice? The population of Canada, basically. Every single Canadian, all watching Adam Levine chuckle and point like a doof. Yes, some 37 million people tuned in to last night's post-Bowl premiere, which is "the highest rating for a non-sports telecast on any network in six years." Yipessss! For The Voice! In six years, other than a sporting match, no one has watched anything more than The Voice. Not the Osama news, not the royal wedding, not even the midseason finale of The Secret Circle. None of those things! Not even the SAG Awards! That is pretty nuts, guys. TV is a weird, weird place. The Voice. Who knew? [Entertainment Weekly]

Corey Stoll, late of Law & Order: Los Angeles and so charming as Hemingway in Midnight in Paris, has just been cast alongside Kevin Spacey in the Netflix original series (yup) House of Cards, a remake of the popular British miniseries about political scandal. Stoll will play a boozing congressman who gets caught up in a mess after having an affair with his secretary. Spacey will play the secretary. "I was just walking my dog, I swear!" No, no, that's not true. But it'd be fun if it was. [Deadline]

Actors Sanaa Lathan (Alien vs. Predator) and Jonathan Groff (Broadway's Spring Awakening) have been cast in regular roles in season two of Boss, the well-received new Starz show for which star Kelsey Grammer, playing the mayor of Chicago, recently won a Golden Globe. Lathan will play the mayor's new chief of staff, while Groff will play some sort of advice-giving aide. Meanwhile Camille Grammer has been cast in the role of sitting by the pool and having a drink because 50 million is a lotta bones so who gives a damn if it's the middle of the day. [Deadline]

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