The 10 Most Ridiculous-Sounding Gourmet Pet Foods

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​Our pets are officially eating better than we are, according to a New York Times story headlined "Boeuf Bourguignon Again?" (Subtitle: Pet Foods Go Gourmet). Americans are spending their hard-earned cash on their "fur babies," because that's how we live in today's society. "'It is now considered socially acceptable to treat pets as members of the family and to express that by spending lavishly on them, especially when it comes to food,' said David Lummis, the senior pet-industry analyst for Packaged Facts," writes The Times' William Grimes. Perhaps this is fortunate considering that dogs are no longer allowed to dine at Sardi's.

How good does this food get? We've gathered the most absurd delicious-sounding of the available pet food options available in today's market to, you know, whet your appetite. Mmmmm.

10. Grandma's chicken soup, by Weruva

9. Burger pie and sweetie fries, by Merrick

8. Tuna on rice with crab surimi, from Tiki Cat by Petropics.
6. Steamed wild alaskan salmon appetizer in a delicate broth, from Fancy Feast Appetizers. 

5. Tender turkey tuscany with long grain rice and garden greens in a savory sauce, from Elegant Medleys by Fancy Feast.

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2. Wild salmon and egg soufflé with garden greens, from Elegant Medleys by Fancy Feast.

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