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We respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our job easier. But sometimes, we have no idea what they are talking about. So after a long day spent staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites.

Police say the robber's face was covered in bandages and his arm was in a sling: via @PostLocalWed Jan 04 17:53:25 via SocialFlow

Newt Gingrich, for one, suspects Mitt Romney.

Special Edition Ramones Bobbleheads Seem to Be Missing A Piece Jan 04 21:56:41 via Tweet Button

This always happens when you open the box too fast and everything scatters all over the floor. We've never seen it with a bobblehead before, and can only assume someone got too eager and lopped Joey's head off its spring.

How Many More Billionaires Have To Die By Tainted Cat Before The Ultra-Rich Start Taking The Threat Of Poising S... Jan 04 23:19:26 via twitterfeed

Outraged tweets like this benefit from brevity. If you don't know what the story is about, there's no shortage of words that could come after that 'S'.

Patient cat endures brushing by Kinect-controlled robot--WATCH: #robots #catsWed Jan 04 22:52:08 via SocialFlow

Cat-cat or Rat Pack-cat: you decide. (The answer, sadly, is cat-cat.)

Never lose your keys again with these memory-boosting tips Jan 04 06:50:02 via HootSuite

Today's tweet most likely to resemble the subject line from a message in your spam folder.

Finally, an excuse to register

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