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We respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our job easier. But sometimes, we have no idea what they are talking about. So after a long day spent staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites. 

Velvet Underground sued a group that manages Warhol's legacy in trademark dispute over iconic cover featuring a banana Jan 11 21:31:02 via TweetDeck

Even for a lawsuit involving the music industry, this one is tough to crack. Maybe if we knew for certain who the banana is out to get in this dispute. Right now it reads both ways, If you're going to play a diabolical game of cat and mouse with your Twitter audience, at least play fair.

"Photographs will be telegraphed" - and nine other 100-year-old predictions by John Elfreth Watkins that came true Jan 11 16:57:50 via BBC News

This is just like that Nicolas Cage movie where he goes to John Elfreth Watkins' house for the day and hears all his eerie prophecies about how one day canned peaches will bring you more pleasure than fresh, the girl your son will have a crush on in his freshman year dorm will have a long-distance boyfriend back in Chicago she's trying to make it work with, every child will know how to use a computer but the process of ordering a pizza is now so complex only computers in the UCLA math lab are fit to tackle it. At which point, Nicolas Cage willl get impatient, say something horrible and cruel (probably: "What do you know? You're just a 100-year-old British dude with predictions. I can't believe I listened to you!) At which point, he will have left the house and departed the neighborhood before he hears the final prediction about a stranger with tires that are slightly low on air. Roger Ebert said it made him reexamine the universe again.

And look, when you brag about lowlifes commenting on your legs, etc..that's not a good way to be a journalist, female or otherwise.Wed Jan 11 22:34:19 via TweetDeck

Please note that The Atlantic Wire has never run a post of all the compliments given to us by low lifes, even though we totally could because they like the way we're put together. But that's all you'll be hearing about it because it would be unprofessional and hurt a lowlife's feelings.

Everything we love about "Downton Abbey" (like, for example, the charming way "Downton" is spelled): Jan 11 22:34:03 via HootSuite

That does sound informative. Don't tell anyone, but we've trying to find out what an abbey is for weeks. Also: the priory. What's the deal with that? And don't get us started on how you spent a week in "hospital" and then simply had to see your ''solicitor." It's all fake, as The Daily will soon colorfully inform you

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