The Terrible Return of 'Punk'd'

Hollywood's prank show returns, Hugh Jackman earns big, and Lisbeth Salander will ride again.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Hollywood's prank show returns, Hugh Jackman earns big, and Lisbeth Salander will ride again.

Well, there goes the neighborhood. And by "the neighborhood" we mean like Bel Air or something, because MTV's celebrity prank show Punk'd is returning to wreak more annoying havoc. We knew this was coming, but now the network has announced its celebrity hosts. Yes, hosts plural! Gone are the days of lone Ashton Kutcher wagging around in his Von Dutch hat. Now the show will have a different celeb emcee every episode, and so far the lineup is a starry array of showbusiness luminaries such as Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bam Margera, Kellan Lutz, and Dax Shepard. Oh boy! What a great group of people. Just the absolute most lovable. Can't wait to see them prank their equally lovable celebrity friends! (Kellan Lutz is gonna get Shirely MacLaine gooooood.) As a little amuse bouche, a little tantalizing taste of the wonderful action to come, here's a clip of Miley Cyrus and her fabulous celebrity pal Kelly Osborne totally Punk'ing the sh-t out of renowned television artist Khloe Kardashian. It's about balls! How ribald. [THR]

While Tinseltown greats like Miley and Kellan are busy punking each other, lame weirdo Meryl Streep will be at the Berlin Film Festival, receiving a Lifetime Achievement Golden Bear award. (Issn't "golden bear" what they called Aaron Eckheart's look in Erin Brokovich?) So that's good for her. And we guess that means she's done working in Germany. Sorry, Meryl. It's all over, your life has achieved and that's that. Though, of course, this could also all be some sort of elaborate punking, orchestrated by Meryl's dear celebrity pal Bam Margera. Oh those two have been prank warring each other for years! [Deadline]

Though it's only done so-so in the box office, Sony says they are gonna go ahead and make the sequel to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which is called The Girl Who Played With Fire. It's the cheery story of everyone in Sweden raping each other and then everyone gets tortured and Daniel Craig goes shopping for more cozy and suave-looking cable knit sweaters and everyone feels kind of gross. We're just not sure this whole rape and torture campaign was the Swedish tourism board's best idea, but hey, it's their country. [EW]

Uh oh, there will be only half as much dance in your life this year, everyone. Fox has decided to cancel the results show for their gooey dance hit So You Think You Can Dance, after the show slumped in the ratings last year. So, everyone will have to dance like crazy and get eliminated in the same darn episode, which means there's much sweating and crying to be done in one forty-five minute period. That's a lot of secreting of fluids! These people are going to be shriveled, liquidless weirdos by the end of every week. Just a bunch of raisins in dance belts and glitter. And then Mary Murphy will do one of her shriek-whoops and eat everyone, screaming "Raisins!!!" while Adam Shankman weeps. [Deadline]

Speaking of Adam Shankman weeping, Hugh Hefner's big butch Broadway bonanza Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway closed yesterday on a high note, ending a record-breaking week of sales. The song and dance man pulled in over $2 million in ticket sales for the holiday week, which is the highest weekly gross the Shubert Organization, a Broadway producing juggernaut, has ever recorded. So basically well done Hugh, you ridiculous hoofer, you splendiferous belter. You've done your Broadway charity for the year, and now you can go back to watching football and drinking heavy beer or whatever it is that great big sparkling Broadway stars do in their spare time. [THR]

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