Strangely Beautiful '30 Rock'

Wasn't there something strangely... pretty about the end of last night's episode? 

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We don't have much to say about last night's long-awaited season premiere of 30 Rock beyond "it was funny." It was funny! What with the dancing and the Jenna being mean to kids and all that. But, funny aside, wasn't there something strangely... pretty about the end of the episode? Like a little wistful even? This show has done sentimentality before, but this felt a little different. The four costumed guys on the beach at dusk (or dawn?), the little girl singing, Liz looking happy with her mystery movie date, Alec Baldwin's curious Mona Lisa expression. There was just something shivery about it that we don't expect from this show. It was nice! But we hope it's also a rare occasion. We don't need this show going all soft on us, like How I Met Your Mother, which has gone from comedy to dark tragedy in the past season or so. Moments like this are great, but they need to be unexpected. Anyway, watch and enjoy!

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