So, Everyone Really Dug Lana Del Rey Last Night, Right?

No. No everyone did not. The singer's appearance on Saturday Night Live was mercilessly panned.

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It's not nice to say mean things. That's what Twitter is for. And on Saturday night, Twitter was especially interested in saying some pretty mean things about Lana Del Rey, the musical guest on Saturday Night Live who had a bit of an off night.

Juliette Lewis likely took the cake by comparing the singer to "a 12 year old in their bedroom when they're pretending to sing and perform." (The tweet, noted the Daily News, was subsequently deleted.)

Mediaite tracked the list of people who wondered if the performance was perhaps a gonzo Kristen Wiig sketch. (Sadly, no.)

She even got teased by Drunk Hulk, and tweaked, archly, by The Atlantic Wire's Richard Lawson.

So fine, here is what the big deal was all about. Del Rey attempts her own "Video Games."

Followed by "Blue Jean."

Hate to admit it, but Hipster Runoff may have anticipated all of this days ago. A post criticizing the singer's stage presence as "looking like a dead person" seems prescient now.

The best news for SNL is that the invective heaped on a singer for not having the best night of her performing life has conveniently helped provide some cover for the sketches they aired last night. Consider the BET joke in the Ricky Gervais sketch here. Lazy at best, arguably offensive at worst, and just not all that funny. Eh. Blame it all on Lana Del Rey.

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