Demi Moore Heads to Rehab; Madonna Has Big, Gay Super Bowl Plans

A backup singer said Madonna is committed to "bringing gay" to the Super Bowl halftime show, King's Speech director Tom Hopper is either a cad or a victim of truly terrible timing, and Mick Jagger wishes you wouldn't photograph his beautiful face.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: A backup singer says Madonna is committed to "bringing gay" to the Super Bowl halftime show, King's Speech helmer Tom Hopper is either a cad or a victim of bad timing, and Mick Jagger wishes you wouldn't photograph his beautiful face.

Sources say that "a painfully thin Demi Moore was rushed to a hospital late Monday" and will be entering a rehab program. According to TMZ, she's going to be treated for "substance abuse." Back before the St. Elmo's Fire shoot in the 1984, Moore checked into rehab on the orders of director Joel Schumacher, and The Daily Mail suggested back in November that Moore had been "drinking heavily to cope" with her very public split from Ashton Kutcher. Meanwhile, Moore's publicist confirmed last night that she'll no longer be playing Gloria Steinem in Lovelace, because she wants to "treat her exhaustion and overall family needs." [New York Daily News]

At a premiere party last night for  Madonna's heroically bad new movie W.E,, a backup dancers was overheard boasting that the singer would be "bringing gay to the Super Bowl" when she performs during the halftime show next week. It's unclear on what exactly this will consist of, but we think America has gone far too long without a national debate regarding acceptable thematic material for halftime extravaganzas. have at it, Madge. [Gatecrasher]

The King's Speech director Tom Hooper, who won the Oscar that should have gone to David Fincher for The Social Network, has ended his engagement to designer Tars Subkoff, who, according to sources, "just told friends and Hooper that she’s a few months pregnant with his child," Prince of a guy, that King's Speech director, though sources from his camp say that he didn't know Subkoff had a bun in the oven when he gave the Good Luck, Goodbye Bobby Jean treatment, and that he only found out when she left a voice mail earlier in  the week. [Page Six]

It seems that Mick Jagger refused to have a close picture of his face taken while out clubbing in New York last week. According to a source, Jagger "only agreed to have his photo taken if it wasn’t a close-up," but he also didn't like the ensuing image. In some circles, this could pointed to as diva behavior, but when you're Mick Jagger, it's just common courtesy. [Page Six]

Noted citizen journalist antagonist Chris Rock told Vulture's Jada Yuan during an interview at the Sundance Film Festival that he's trying to convince Dave Chappelle to go on a new comedy tour with him. There was talk back in the fall that this might have been a possibility. "I've been talking to Chappelle a lot," Rock said. "Been trying to get Chappelle to go on tour." He added, "You know I'm not the hard one. But I'm trying to make that happen. After seeing Kanye and Jay-Z, I was like, 'Me and Dave should do this.'" We agree! [Vulture]

Gabby Giffords may be leaving Washington, but she going to patronize its restaurant up until the end. On Friday, the Arizona congresswoman was spotted eating lunch with a party of four at The Source, a Wolfgang Puck's pan-Asian fusion nonsense restaurant. She was also accompanied by her security detail. [The Reliable Source]

It's been less than two weeks since the news broke that Lindsay Lohan was "in early talks" to play Elizabeth Taylor for a Lifetime TV movie, but now there's word that Broadway actress Alexis Kiley, who is a dead ringer for Elizabeth Taylor is now in talks to play the actress." What happened? Well, the film is being shot in Canada (of course), which has pretty tough laws when it comes to letting convicted criminals enter and work in the country. That's possibly one of those things Lohan's reps should have researched before leaking news about her involvement in the project. Oh, well, live and learn! There are other Lifetime movies in her future. One last notable tidbit: in addition to Lohan and Kiley, Kirsten Fox is also apparently in the running to play Taylor. [Radar]

It seems Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund were necking up a storm Monday at the Sundance Film Festival. A source who saw the duo at the nightclub Tao says the pair was "making out all night long" and that it was "obvious to everyone that they were an item." Good for them!, as long as they keep it on the dancefloor and out of the dressing rooms at swanky London boutiques. There will be no more of that foolishness. [Radar]

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