The Return of 'Sex and the City'

Carrie Bradshaw is young again, American Idol hits a low note, and Katherine Heigl misses Grey's.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Carrie Bradshaw is young again, American Idol hits a low note, and Katherine Heigl misses Grey's.

Long threatened, now a reality. The CW has, in fact, gone ahead and ordered a pilot of The Carrie Diaries, a prequel to Sex and the City about a young Carrie Bradshaw in high school. So that is kind of bad enough! Do we really need more Carrie Bradshaw after all? We've already had the show and, what, four movies? (Sex and the City 4: Samantha's Rest Home). It's enough Carrie Bradshaw! But also, as The CW showed with that dreeeadful Gossip Girl prequel pilot, remember with a young Lily in '80s LA?, they are not very good with the prequels. Plus, it's Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who haven't made a good show since The O.C. Right? That's just empirically true? Eh, but who knows. Maybe it'll be good! Maybe they'll cast someone really charming as Carrie and they'll get a little red haired girl to play Miranda and, hm, maybe, like, Jessica Lange to play a young Samantha? That'd be about the right age, right? Ellen Burstyn, too maybe? You know, someone like that. Could be good! [Vulture]

Uh ohhh. The big Season 11 premiere of American Idol did not do well in the ol' ratings department. Actually, like, historically not well. Down 25% from last year's premiere with 21 million viewers, the two-hour extravaganza got a 7.2 rating in the under-49ers demo, in comparison to a 9.8 last year. That's not good! It's still not bad, not when you consider the rest of ratings on TV, but once Survivor and The Voice get started next month, they could really chip into that weakening number. Could a bunch of Lilliputians finally bring down the giant? Will they put Seacrest's head on a spike near the gates for all to see? Only time will tell! [The New York Times]

Joe Smith be praised! Andrew Rannells, the leading man in the Broadway smash Book of Mormon, has signed an NBC/Fox co-holding deal. The idea is that he'll play one of the leads in a new show co-created by Ryan Murphy, about a gay couple and the surrogate lady they find to help them have a baby. So basically this as-yet-un-greenlit show has just shot to the top of Concerned Women for America's DVR recording list. They are gonna love this show, about a gay couple and a single lady raising a baby together, starring a guy from a musical that mocks religion. Penny Nance just gave it four glazed witch grins out of a possible five crow-eye murder stares. [Deadline]

The very busy Kristen Wiig has formally been cast in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, a long-gestating remake of an old Danny Kaye comedy about a magazine photo editor who imagines himself in various adventures to escape the mundanity of his real life. Until he goes on a real-life adventure! Wiig will play his coworker and love interest, but let's hope the part is a little more interesting than just The Girl. Wiig seems too smart to take that kind of role, but you never know. Oh, right, Walter Mitty will be played by Ben Stiller, who is also directing the movie. So it could be good! Or it could be some kind of Sandlerian, Carrey-esque fantasy comedy that just plain ol' stinks. Maybe just watch the Danny Kaye version and then picture Kaye flitting about his Beverly Hills mansion in a silk robe, humming "Sisters" to himself as he makes cocktails in preparation for Larry Olivier's imminent arrival. Yeah, just do that. That sounds like more fun. (Now who's living a secret imagination life? Sigh.) [The Hollywood Reporter]

Haaa. In some kind of interview, the dreadnaught queen Katherine Heigl said that she wants to go back to Grey's Anatomy to see where her character, Izzie, ended up. She said this, actual quote: "My idea is that she actually like figures it out, and finds some success and does really well in a different hospital." Haha, oh is that how you want to see "Izzie"? That she's doing well and is successful elsewhere after leaving Grey's Anatomy Hospital? Hmmmmmmmmm. Girl, are you giving us a PowerPoint presentation or something, because you are projecting. Yikes. Oh, also, there's a video on that post that you should watch and then let the next video play because it's Heigl on Jimmy Kimmel bringing out her daughter and saying that she loves a crowd and is a ham and the whole time the poor little girl looks miserable and it is a big ol' yikes. Lots of yikes here today, folks. Lots and lots of yikes. [E!]

Here's a trailer for the fourteenth film in the Resident Evil film series, which was begun by Louis Malle in the late 1970s and continued after his death by John Sayles. In this installment, Alice must cope with a strange and creeping existential dread as she tries to settle into suburban life while feeling like the world is crumbling all around her. Looks like another smart, subtle, heady addition to this sterling franchise.

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