Rachel Maddow: Frequent White House Visitor

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A look at visitor logs from The White House has MSNBC's star being cleared to enter The White House seven times and meeting with Obama face-to-face three of those times--a number on par with King Abdullah of Jordan. That's what the conservative-leaning Neil Munro at the conservative-leaning Daily Caller reports. (Munro's piece doesn't state the specificities of how far back he looked at the logs--it looks as though the visits are all from this past year.) He concludes, "Rachel Maddow is the president’s favorite media hack."  Sure, the piece gives reasons as to why Maddow's visits are out of the ordinary (her ratings aren't as good as Fox's) and insinuates that The President is being wasteful with his time (King Abdullah has the same amount of visits), and that her visits mean that she's better liked than Arianna Huffington and Fareed Zakaria--all of which are subjective conclusions which are arguably all up for debate. But our favorite reason as to why "Rachel Maddow is President Obama's favorite media hack" (and why you should be somewhat enraged with this hypothesis) has to be the math that The Daily Caller incorporated to theoretically put Maddow on the same level of authority as Speaker of The House John Boenher:

Maddow has received far fewer invites than the GOP’s leader in the House, Ohio Rep. John Boehner. He has been cleared 21 times, but 14 of those were for budget negotiations in June and July, and four more were ceremonial or social occasions,  including a ‘”Congressional Luau.” That leaves just three — a number that matches Maddow’s.

To see how Maddow stacks up with the rest of President Obama's list of visitors, head on over to The Daily Caller


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