The Race to Become Charlie Sheen's Next Victim; More Hunger Games

Today: Charlie Sheen is looking for ladies, Victoria Grayson gets a new man, and Anne Heche gets some work.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Charlie Sheen is looking for ladies, Victoria Grayson gets a new man, and Anne Heche gets some work.

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management sitcom pilot is in the process of getting made at FX, and it's reached a crucial juncture: Who will be his lady costars? A bunch of actresses are lining up to audition, because who wouldn't want to be the woman who spends all day with Charlie Sheen? Among the top choices are Selma Blair and Julie Benz, though, OK, to clarify: Selma Blair is up for the part of Charlie's anger management therapist, the Melfi if you will, while Benz would play his ex-wife, the Carmela of course. Good luck, ladies! Hope you don't mind being stuck in a small room with the smoke monster from Lost wrapped in a bowling shirt for a few hours. Other actresses reading for the roles are Elaine Hendrix (the mean almost-stepmom in the new Parent Trap), Shawnee Smith from Becker, and a lady who was on 12 episodes of The Drew Carey Show back in the day. Their bravery (and hunger for exposure and money) in the face of ranting, rambling craziness is admirable. [Deadline]

Buckle your girdles, everyone. Marc Antony is headed to the Hamptons. Former Rome rake James Purefoy has been cast in a guest role on Revenge as a love interest for Madeleine Stowe's beachside ice queen. Perfect! They'll be wicked and calculating together until they let snakes eat them or whatever happened to Tony and Cleo. Well, actually, it will be Emily/Amanda and Nolan dressed as snakes, the show is going to take a real Dada turn pretty soon, but same difference. That is exciting news! Always nice for a good show to get even gooder. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Under-praised actress Anne Heche has just been cast in an NBC pilot called Save Me, about a woman who gets in an accident and afterward thinks that God is talking through her. Hmm, so it's like a religious Enlightened sort of? That sounds like a fun concept, but we're not sure we trust NBC to really handle that well, y'know? Isn't it a little hot-button for network TV? This sounds like cable to us. But, eh, what do we know. Well, for one thing we know that it's good to see Anne Heche getting more work! She's great! And so what if she used to wander down country roads calling herself Celestia. Past is past, water is under the bridge. Now she'll get to play a woman wandering down roads calling herself a prophet. How far she's come. [Deadline]

In a new interview, Yvonne Strahovski, the lady star of NBC's hit show about Chuck, The Chuck, says that if there were plans to make a movie of The Chuck she and lots of the cast would be onboard. Haha, would they? In the very likely event that someone, some shadowy Russian oligarch most likely, decided that there simply must be a movie of The Chuck, she and others would be interested in doing it. It's a good thing she and the cast have an opinion on this matter, because it's something worth considering as it very possibly could happen. Like the old saying goes, "Death and taxes and a The Chuck movie." Some things are just inevitable. Good planning! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Oh, boy. HBO's urban literati fantasia, Noah Baumbach's adaptation of Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections, has found an emissary of the Brooklyn bohemian bourgeoise to play one of the leads. And guess who it is? Maggie Gyllenhaal! Wow. Court Street just burst into flames. Smith Street has flooded with boiling artisanal seltzer water. All the cheese in the cheese shops has melted, all the micro-microbrews curdled and flattened. That is too much! That is apogee and acme! Maggie Gyllenhaal saying Noah Baumbach-manipulated Jonathan Franzen words. Goodbye, F train. So long, scarves. You have all ascended to locavore heaven. [Vulture]

All is quiet, and then, suddenly: HUNGAHHHHHHHH. Yes, like a suddenly rising sun or a golden flaming arrow whizzing past, news of The Hunger Games is upon us. Well, OK, again, not news. Just another photo from the movie. It's of our heros, Katniss and Peeta, in what look to be the suits they wear at the big Tribute parade where they set themselves on fire. (In a good way.) Veryyyyy exciting, guys. Very, very exciting. Aren't we all just dying for this movie? We are dying. 63 days!!  [Entertainment Weekly]

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