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We respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our job easier. But sometimes, we have no idea what they are talking about. So after a long day spent staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites.

ArtsBeat: A Saucy Album Title Isn't Beneath Paul McCartney Jan 09 17:16:52 via The New York Times

Fame changes people. Not Sir Paul, obviously, but some people have a hit record and suddenly start worrying about doing things that will come across saucy, or even sassy.

Magpies and bears mourn North Korea's 'Dear Leader' Jan 09 15:00:05 via feeds

It strikes us that there weren't nearly enough bears in Kim Jong-il's elaborate self-mythology. Would it have hurt him to throw in a few stories about knocking out some grizzlies to become the heavyweight champion of the world?

Vatican admits to Wikipedia use Jan 09 19:02:39 via BBC News

In the Vatican's defense, they would have preferred to use Encarta, as per usual, but Rome borrowed it to finish a history project.

White House Hid Johnny Depp-Hosted Secret 'Alice In Wonderland' Party Jan 09 19:18:48 via web

The fact that WikiLeaks didn't break this story is surprising, and proof that the White House's top-secret party communication channels remain secure.

Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop arrested by Madison, Wisc. police Jan 09 18:36:03 via The Huffington Post

It's been awhile since we've received daily arrests reports from Wisconsin's capital, and frankly, we kind of miss it. Seems like things are always going on out there.

Disagree! RT @the_iceman2288: #BadHollywoodEndings Back To The Future, Marty arrives home to find his family no longer exists.Mon Jan 09 20:35:03 via HootSuite

If you think this is bad, wait until Slate gets around to weighing in on the sorry state of hoverboard technology

Newt Gingrich compares himself to @CharlieRose Jan 09 15:00:39 via SocialFlow

Maybe he forgot to wear cufflinks. We certainly compare ourselves to Charlie Rose when that happens.

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