The Miserable 'Les Misérables' Movie

A movie musical heads down the wrong path, Hugh Jackman heads down the right one, and Christian Bale is huge in China.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: A movie musical heads down the wrong path, Hugh Jackman heads down the right one, and Christian Bale is huge in China.

Oh dear. What's long been rumored is now almost, almost official. Word has it that offers are out to both Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift to play major roles in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Les Misérables musical. Seyfried, who's warbled before in Mamma Mia!, would play Cosette, the beautiful daughter of a dead hooker (Anne Hathaway, seriously). Meanwhile Taylor Swift, who did subtle and dextrous work in the indie drama Valentine's Day, would play Eponine, the grimy little street rat who has a crush on sexy student revolutionary Marius (Eddie Redmayne). So... yikes? Yikes. Look, it's not as if Les Misérables is some amazing piece of source material that should never be sullied by a bad movie adaptation, but at least make the bad movie version a little good too, right? When we think "1820s street urchin" we don't exactly immediately picture Taylor Swift. ("1820s deer ghost," maybe.) It's just very bad, very distracting casting. At this point they might as well do like the recent concert version and cast Nick Jonas as Marius. Just do it. Ian Somerhalder as Javert, Ryan Seacrest as Jean Valjean. Just go ahead and do it. [Broadway World]

On the topic of theater, Les Mis star Hugh Jackman will be returning to Broadway next season to star in a musical about Houdini which was written by, of all people, Aaron Sorkin. So instead of walking and talking it will be walking and siiiinnggging!!! That's pretty exciting. Jackman is a good choice as well, as clearly he can hoof it on Broadway and also played a magician in The Prestige. Ideal choice, everyone! This is how to do it, Les Mis. [Playbill]

Kristen Wiig wisely isn't doing a Bridesmaids sequel, because she wants to do other interesting things. Things like this! She's in talks to star alongside Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Christopher Walken in a cryogenics comedy written by Stranger Than Fiction's Zach Helm called Freezing People Is Easy. The film will be directed by Errol Morris, who makes fascinating movies. Good choice, Kristen. [Deadline]

Do you have the Hungah? The Hungah for Gramez?? Then it's time for Hungah Gramez news! Huggums! Hunger Games! Here's a new photo still from the movie (eventually all the pictures will actually move, creating a story) that shows tribute/lurve interest Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), his trainer of sorts Haymitch (Woodrow Harrelson), and his stylist Cinna (Penn Badgely's future father-in-law). They look good! And kinda silly, but they're suppose to look kind of silly at that point so that's OK. Mostly what this means is that the movie is comingggg you guyssssss. It's like... [does sad math in sad head]... 78 days away! That's pretty, pretty, pretty exciting. The odds are increasingly in our favor! [EW]
Did you know that Christian Bale has a hit movie out right now? Yup, he does. In China. His newest film Flowers of War is playing in Red China right now and it has made $87 million in the past seventeen days, making it already the sixth highest grossing film in the whole country's history. Way to go Bale-y boy! It's also the most expensive movie in Chinese history, with a budget of $100 million, and one of the only big-ticket Chinese movies to star a Western actor. So this is a big deal, folks. In China. Here it's "Eh when's it on On Demand?" But in China! Oh man, it's bigger than the Beijing opening ceremonies. Well, no, that's not true. Nothing in the history of the world before or since or in the future will ever be as big as those. But it's still pretty big. [THR]

At first you read that Roland Emmerich, he of such artistic masterworks as 10,000 BC and 2012 has successfully sold a pilot about the 2012 presidential election to ABC and you think "What? How can that be? A political drama? From Roland Emmerich??" But then you keep reading and you see this: "It centers on a young astrophysics student who learns his destiny lies not in science but somewhere between Heaven and Hell." Hahaha, ohhhh, phew. So it's not really about the 2012 election, like we're not gonna have Philip Seymour Hoffman dressed up as Newt Gingrich or anything, it's about an election in 2012 and then there's magic and stuff. See? Just goes to show you, kids. You always gotta read the thing all the way through before you make judgments. Otherwise you might start to think down is up and up is down. Roland Emmerich doing a serious political drama! The only thing more ridiculous would be if he did some sort of film about revisionist literary history. [Deadline]

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