The Man Behind the Honey Badger Is a Creature of the Internet

There's a real live person behind the fictional Honey Badger viral star and turns out he has a life off of the Internet, too. Just barely. 

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There's a real live person behind the fictional Honey Badger viral star and turns out he has a life off of the Internet, too. Just barely. Above we have proof that the Honey Badger has a face, from what TMZ claims is the first ever footage of Randall, who narrates the famed badger along with a host of other animal videos on his YouTube channel Randall's Wild Wild World of Animals. But even though we see his face in human form, looking quite uncomfortable in this TMZ footage, from what we can tell via his life exploits, Randall is very much a Web being.

Since the meme took off, Randall has taken the next logical step for any Internet star and written a book. After scoring the book deal last September, Randall has already released Honey Badger Don't Care: Randall's Guide to Crazy Nasty Ass Animals. We guess the actual writing had to happen offline, unless he blogged the whole thing, which from reading the table of contents -- all we can preview on Barnes & Noble -- seems plausible. From what we can tell, the book is a compilation of  his YouTube narrations written down next to pictures of animals. This book review over at Book Goggles seems to confirm these suspicions.

Frankly put, this is a book about animals that's written for those of us who aren't into the long Latin names or dry paragraphs about animal habits. Randall condenses all of these facts into a few pages per animal and it's incredibly fun.

Condensed and funny ... sounds like the Internet. He also has an animated TV show in the works, reports TMZ, meaning he presumably spends time offline doing that. Unless it's one of those YouTube shows or web series.

We know IRL Randall is currently spending his time hocking his book. But even on his tour, the venues refer to Randall -- who has no last name, by the way -- as "honey badger." The badger had a meet and greet in Los Angeles earlier this week. And Randall's Twitter feed, informs us he is in Portland now.

And even when he's doing real-world things, like getting fast food, he can't function without paying homage to his Internet self. "I can’t speak too loudly when I go out.  It’s a drag. I have to impersonate people when I go to a drive-through for example," he told Forbes's Michael Humphrey last April. "Sometimes, I’ll forget what I’ve done and when I get to the window, I say, 'thank you, doll,' and they’re all, 'Randall?  Randall!'"

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