Kristen Wiig Will Not Do a 'Bridesmaids' Sequel

Bridesmaids' star and co-writer Kristen Wiig says she wants nothing to do with a sequel.

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Though Universal is clearly drooling over the prospect of a sequel to their smash hit comedy Bridesmaids — the studio's been a little lean of late, so this was a good, cheaply produced success — that film's star and co-writer Kristen Wiig says she wants nothing to do with it.

In a piece that's a lot speculation surrounding a few interesting facts, The Hollywood Reporter reports (from Hollywood!) that Wiig and her writing partner are not in the sequel game:

The mystery is why Universal has made so little progress on launching a Bridesmaids 2 -- and why the star of the film is refusing to do a reprise. "We aren't working on that," Wiig, who co-wrote the film with Annie Mumolo, tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Annie and I aren't planning a sequel. We are writing something else."

Pretty determined words! Though a studio exec flew to New York and took Wiig to dinner (there's a good hotdog place near Rockefeller Center) to try and woo her to the project, one she might have made over $10,000,000 for, she held firm in her refusal.

There's some suspicion that there's bad blood between the studio and Wiig and her primary cast mates — the bride Maya Rudolph; the maids Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Wendi McClendon-Covey, and Rose Byrne — after they only got $100,000 bonuses  for the film's boffo success. Which, a) depending on what they got paid to do the movie in the first place they probably deserved, proportionally-wise, a bit more than that. But b) we'd hope that Wiig's decision, and possibly that of her costars, to not do a sequel is one born out of a desire to explore new creative terrain than anything having to do with a crappy bonus. ("Crappy," relatively speaking. Universal, if you want to give us $100,000 bonus right now, we will gladly take it.)

It's suggested that in lieu of Wiig, the studio is going hard after Melissa McCarthy to be the anchor for the sequel, and though everyone loves Melissa McCarthy or whatever, Mike & Molly is evidence that she doesn't always turn down a paycheck to hold out for good material. So it could happen with her! But, creatively speaking, it's also suggested that Judd Apatow would not shepherd the project if Wiig and Mumolo were not involved. So, if you're losing three important legs of the table in one fell swoop, what really is the point? (Though it could be argued that, in some ways, Apatow was a bad leg of the table to begin with, forcing the writers to put in poopy humor and all that big broad stuff when, some say, the original script was a lot more subdued and human.) We know it's tempting, Universal. But this is just not a very sequelable movie. Look at The Hangover Part II! Sure it made half a billion dollars, but it was not a good movie. Hm? What's that? You really don't care because all you heard was "half a billion dollars"? Oh, right, OK. Never mind.

Anyway, that's the deal with a Bridesmaids sequel. Wiig is off doing semi-serious movies (Imogen with Annette Bening, The Comedian with Robert De Niro and Sean Penn) and Judd Apatow doesn't seem interested and, who knows, Ellie Kemper is off throwing vodka bottles at her assistant because all she got was a lousy hundred grand when they're sittin' on piles'a dough up there in their fatcat studio offices. That could be happening! Hey Universal, why not make a movie about that?

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