'The Hangover' Stars Are About to Get Even Richer

America's favorite party boys are about to make bank, Fiona Apple returns, and Demi Moore pulls out.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: America's favorite party boys are about to make bank, Fiona Apple returns, and Demi Moore pulls out.

Remember The Hangover? It was that big bawdy comedy that made a bamillion dollars a couple years ago? And then remember The Hangover Part II, also a big bawdy comedy that made a bamillion dollars last summer? Well, it seems those wacky dreamers in Hollywood have seen it fit to put together a third one of these big bawdy comedies, because we all know everything's better the third time around. But in order to make it work they really need the three (they don't need the baby pictured above, we don't think anyway) original actors — Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms  — to come back, so they're probably going to pay them $15 million each to do it, as per their agents' request. Yup! While you get paid exactly nothing to actually stumble around in the morning wondering where your car keys are and bitterly regretting the night before, they get paid $15 million to pretend to do that for a few months. Makes you feel good, doesn't it? Meanwhile, Ken Jeong has been offered $10,000 to not be in the third movie. We hope, at least.  [The Hollywood Reporter]

Ohhh my gay god, you guys. It seems that music mogul L.A. Reid has tweeted something about Fiona Apple, long lost Fiona Apple, having a new album coming out this year. !!!! We were having a sweet fix of a daydream of an album and then it wasn't a paper bag, it was a real dove of hope in album form! (Pretty awesome mangled Fiona Apple lyrics right there, huh?) That is very exciting, considering she hasn't had a release since 2005, and that was the somewhat underwhelming (be honest, guys) Extraordinary Machine. So this is very exciting. It's unclear when this year it's coming out, but who cares! Fiona Apple! New music! At long last. [Time, via Vulture]

In light of her recent troubles, Demi Moore has opted out of playing Gloria Steinem in the currently filming Linda Lovelace biopic. This sounded like a bad idea to begin with, so it's probably good she now has an excuse to quit. (Demi Moore doesn't exactly scream Gloria Steinem to us.) The good news for the movie is that while they've lost one actress, they've gained another: Chloë Sevigny! Nooo, not as Gloria Steinem, oh mercy no. That'd be a hilarious bit of miscasting. Sevigny, who is reuniting with her Big Love costar Amanda Seyfried here, will be playing a feminist though, a journalist who shows up to interview Lovelace at some point. Eric Roberts, Sharon Stone, and now Chloë Sevigny. This is kind of a grungy cast, isn't it? Fitting for the movie, but definitely dark. (Adam Brody and James Franco are also in it, so there's balance.) We're intrigued! But prepared to be depressed. [The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline]

Younger Hemsworth brother and future Gale Hawthorne of District 12 Liam Hemsworth has just landed the lead in the sci-fi romance Timeless, about a grieving widower who "enlists the world's best minds" to build a time machine so he can go back and hang out with his wife while she's still alive. Sort of sounds like The Fountain, doesn't it? And also, really the first thing you think of when Liam Hemsworth is mentioned is "grieving widower," right? That's the natural progression: Heartthrob in Miley Cyrus/Nicholas Sparks movie, then dark heartthrob in YA fiction movie love triangle, then grieving widower. Makes total sense. You thought Robin Williams had the market cornered on grieving widower? You thought nobody could do it better than Liam Neeson? Well, now here's Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, star of Arabian Nights, coming to blow them all away. [Deadline]

Cinemax is moving ahead with a new action series produced by Six Feet Under/True Blood creator Alan Ball. It's about a thief posing as a small town sheriff while hiding out from gangsters. That sounds kind of exciting! If their recent British co-production Strike Back is any indication, Cinemax knows its way around an action series. Not too serious, but not too dumb, sort of just right. (If a bit jingo-y in an off-putting way, but that's OK.) We kind of like the idea of Cinemax becoming an action network! Just think of all the not-working-so-much action people who get whole series. Ving Rhames! Famke Janssen! (She's not exactly an action star, but three X-Mens and a Bond movie have to count for something.) Barbara Hershey! Well, OK, Barbara Hershey isn't an action star yet, but can't you imagine her playing a tired old hitwoman who keeps going out on "one last job"? Maybe Matt Long plays her son-in-law, who's also a contract killer? And she gets hired to kill him? Just spitballing here. Call us, Cinemax! We could make this work! [Deadline]

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