The First Lady's Disputed Underthings Budget; Sean Parker Is a Davos Showman

Also: Michael Vick says he never even wanter to go to Fashion Week, Rachel McAdams is through finding boyfriends on movie sets while filming is still going on, and Ashton Kutcher takes a Twitter stand.

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Welcome to the Smart Set where every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Also: Michael Vick says he never even wanter to go to Fashion Week, Rachel McAdams is through finding boyfriends on movie sets while filming is still going on, and Ashton Kutcher takes a Twitter stand.

There's a story going around that Michelle Obama bought $50,000 worth of lingerie during an insane lingerie buying spree at the British underthings store Agent Provocateur. In Britain, The SunTelegraph, and Daily Mail all reported on the alleged spending spree, which Kristina Schake, the First Lady's communications chief, says the story "100 percent false." Guys, remember what happened when Page Six claimed she ordered lobsters for room service on the campaign trail in 2008. [New York Daily News]

Sean Parker hosted a birthday party for venture capitalist Richard Stromback at the Hotel Europe in Davos last week that one attendee described as "surreal, like the bar scene from Star Wars in which many strange worlds combine.” How strange were the worlds? Well, billionaire Charlie Ergen's son, Chase, showed up wearing "Cathay Pacific Airways pajamas, which stayed on the entire night." He was soon joined by "a cadre of Mongolian leaders who mingled in a crowd of World Economic Forum attendees including Google’s Eric Schmidt, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales, Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon, Cantor Fitzgerald’s Howard Lutnick, Ross Perot Jr., hedge fund titan Steve Cohen and Google’s Marissa Mayer." And around 5 a.m. a witness saw Randi Zuckerberg "dancing on a table with tech blogger Robert Scoble and a crew of private equity types." Earlier in the night, Zuckerberg led the crowd in a rendition of “Happy Birthday," which moved nicely into "Preacher Man." The only problem was, Parker was MIA for the festivities. According to a source, Parker was actually "hosting a party for Russian billionaire Yuri Milner that night, and his name had 'mistakenly' been put on the invite" to the Stromback birthday. Either way, fun party. [Page Six]

Yesterday, we told you that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was having trouble scoring an invite to New York Fashion Week, mainly because he once ran a dogfighting ring, but also because he has the fashion sense of Dwight Schrute. Now, Vick and his spokesman Chris Shigas are denying that the quarterback ever wanted to attend Fashion Week in the first place, adding that if you receive any calls from someone who claims to be the quarterback asking for Fashion Week tickets, you are talking to an imposter -- an imposter! --since the real Vick "doesn't even WANT to go to Fashion Week." To which we say, he's probably just nervous about wearing another tan-on-tan suit.  [TMZ]

Teri Everett, News Corp's senior vice president of corporate affairs and communications, is stepping down from her role as Rupert Murdoch's top spokesperson in two weeks time. She'll be replaced by Julie Henderson, who has been in charge of the company's west coast communications. Two sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Everett, who started at News Corp. in 2000, "signaled an interest in new challenges after more than a decade at the company a while back, but decided to wait for a move" until the News of the World phone-hacking scandal played out. [Company Town]

Ashton Kutcher has decided to return to America and take care of those he calls his own. Good for Ashton Kutcher! This process of becoming a man and growing up to dream again also apparently involves Kutcher blocking Star editor-in-chief David Perel and Star senior executive editor Dylan Howard from his Twitter account. It's called taking responsibility. [FishbowlLA]

Rob Lowe and a camera crew were filming something in the lobby of the Library of Congress yesterday. Potomac Fever, the reality show he's producing about the struggles of "a half-dozen ambitious Washingtonians" has been in development for more than a year, so maybe he was back trying to bring some attention the project, in the Library of Congress.  [The Reliable Source]

3 weeks. That's the maximum amount of time Rachel McAdams will let herself go without seeing new squeeze Tony Blair Michael Sheen. That sounds kind of lonely, but McAdams is adamant the arrangement is proof that she and Sheen are "quite adaptable." She also notes that unlike her fling with Ryan Gosling on the set of The Notebook, she waited until production on Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris was done before canoodling with Sheen. "Michael and I didn't get together while we were filming Midnight in Paris," she says, "which I feel strongly about not doing when I'm working." Now. [Us Weekly]

The Whitney Museum of American Art has used the "check is in the mail" excuse for $160,000 worth of taxes it owes on the Madison Ave. office space it sold to developer Daniel Straus and then leased back. [DNAinfo via Daily Intel]

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