The Dwight Schrute Show and Other Bad Spin-Off Ideas

The Office might be getting a spin-off. But, what the hell, spin away, everyone! In fact, don't stop there. There is so much spin-off potential all over TV! Here are some ideas.

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Yesterday evening strange news broke that NBC is rumored to be developing a spin-off of The Office featuring Rainn Wilson's Dwight Schrute character back home on the family farm. They're thinking this could all happen as soon as a year from now. Yikes!

Here are the details, from Deadline:

The potential spinoff will be introduced in an Office episode later this season set at Schrute Farms. “Paul and Rainn have been joking for years about Dwight’s life on the farm, his family and how ill-suited he is to run a B&B,” a source close to The Office said. “A while ago, it started to feel like a show to them. NBC agreed, it’s been further developed to include multiple generations, many cousins and neighbors.

So... that could potentially be really and truly awful, right? Schrute Farms comedy is fine in small doses, but the idea of Dwight blundering around with his wacky family for 23 minutes every week sounds unpleasant. But, what the hell, spin away, everyone! In fact, don't stop there. There is so much spin-off potential all over TV! Here are some ideas.

It's Always Cloudy in Los Angeles

Always Sunny's Dee (Kaitlin Olson) finally gets off her duff and moves to L.A. to pursue her acting dreams, only to be sucked into another pit of idiots and weirdos when she gets there. Weekly misadventures ensue, especially when her old Philadelphia frenemies Cricket and Artemis show up to join the party. Dee finds filth instead of fame in this raunchy new series.

Holland Daze

Holland Taylor's sarcastic mom character from Two and a Half Men moves to New York City in a fit of three-quarterlife crisis and the only place she can find to live is with a bunch of just-out-of-college slacker millennials. She tries to whip them into shape with her trademark sass, while learning some new moves herself. Occasionally her son (Jon Cryer) and grandson (Angus T. Beefburger) visit from the West Coast, conveniently during sweeps week.


While in prison after trying to murder a more successful actress, 30 Rock's Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) occasionally disappears into a world of fantasy musical numbers to escape the mundanity of life on the inside. Her fellow inmates become gorgeous celebrities, the guards menacing villains. Every week it's a different prison situation and a different fantasy. It's part sitcom, part sketch show, and all fabulous. Step into Jenna's world, you're gonna love it!

Modern Student

Modern Family's Haley Dunphy is, against all odds, off to college and the documentary crew has decided to follow her. The daily frustrations and absurdities of college are poked fun at in this gentle series, which also stars Molly Shannon as a needy women's studies professor and Dan Byrd of Cougar Town (let's be honest, he'll be out of work soon) as a sardonic TA who has an eye for Haley. Obviously there's a Parents Weekend episode so we can see Phil and Claire, plus the rest of the gang drops by on rare occasions too.

Dalton Academy Boyz

We follow the Warblers of Glee back to their tony prep school, Dalton Academy to see what drama and humor unfolds there. Lots of late night rehearsals in uniform, lots of loaded looks and "accidental" brushings of fingers on various things, etc. This show comes on at midnight and is only broadcast in Ryan Murphy's house. So, if you know him, invite yourself over and give it a watch. It's intense.

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