Don't Ask Chris Rock About Newt; Diddy's Getting a Cable Channel

Also: An update on Tracy Morgan's Sundance collapse, Eric Holder had to see Red Tails like a regular paying customer, and Angelina Jolie was very mean to George Clooney's new girlfriend. 

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: An update on Tracy Morgan's Sundance collapse, Eric Holder had to see Red Tails like a regular paying customer, and Angelina Jolie was very mean to George Clooney's new girlfriend. 

Chris Rock didn't take too kindly to the citizen journalist who tried to capture his opinions on Newt Gingrich by sticking a camera in the comedian's face "in the early hours of Monday" outside Tao, a popular nightspot at the Sundance Film Festival. According to a witness, Rock "pushed the interviewer and grabbed the camera [and] smashed it so hard, it broke into pieces. He cursed the guy for filming when he had asked them to stop." Another witness adds that after Rock was done busting up the camera, he turned to his would-be chronicler and said: "Did you get your shot?" Security apparently escorted the interlocutor off the premises, while Rock's rep didn't respond to requests for comment. [Page Six]

It seems P. Diddy is planning to launch a "music-themed cable network" called Revolt in December. Unlike his plan to buy an NFL team and open a business school in Harlem, this venture has apparently moved beyond the pie-in-the-sky phase. Sources say former MTV programming chief Andy Schoun is "involved" with the project, and Comcast and Time Warner Cable both plan to carry the channel, which could make it available in up to 18 million households at launch. Sources describe the One source familiar with the project said the network would be "a music and music news channel with an urban skew," while another insider likened it to "the old days of MTV, but for more of the African American audience." [Broadcasting & Cable via New York Daily News]

Developer Larry Silverstein's 3 World Trade Center is supposed to be 80 stories tall, but sources close to Silverstein told Crain's New York Business yesterday that the developer may cap the building at seven floors if he can't find tenants for the remaining space by the end of the year. Cue a fresh batch of Now, "other sources close to Mr. Silverstein" are speaking, and they're not denying that Silverstein may have to give the building a 73-story haircut, but they note he won't have to make that decision for another two years, because  "the [seven-story] podium won't be fully completed until some time next year since the company will still be working on the interiors." So in effect, he has two years, not one, to fill 73 floors of office space. Which still seems like it's going to be pretty hard. [Crain's New York Business[

Tracy Morgan returned to Los Angeles yesterday after he collapsed and had to be hospitalized following an awards dinner at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday. Morgan is blaming the whole incident on Park City's "high altitude" and maintains he wasn't drinking prior to the incident. Sources that saw him at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards are supporting Morgan's version of events, noting that he "didn't have one lick of alcohol at the event" and that he seemed "sick, not drunk" during the pre-fall festivities, and required assistance walking up a "really long staircase" that led to the ceremony. In addition to his well-documented struggles with alcohol, Morgan also has diabetes, which is tougher to manage at higher altitudes. [New York Daily News

Attorney general Eric Holder was spotted taking in a Friday night showing of Red Tails at the Uptown Theatre on Connecticut Avenue, the most historically significant and functional cinema currently operating within the D.C. city limits. We can only assume Holder was busy two weeks ago when Red Tails director Anthony Hemingway brought the film to Washington to be screened for the president in the White House Theater, or that he didn't want to watch the film in a venue without cupholders. [The Reliable Source]

Elizabeth Mayhew has resigned as editor of Woman's Day after two years on the job. She'll be succeeded by All You executive editor Susan Spencer. Hearst Publishing has been playing musical editors with their lifestyle and home-design magazines for almost two years now, though Mayhew is apparently leaving the company and won't be reassigned to another publication. [Ad Week]

69-year-old Aretha Franklin has called off her engagement to "forever friend" William Wilkerson after three weeks. In a joint statement released by Franklin's publicist, the couple said they were "moving a little too fast." According to an unnamed member of Franklin's security detail, the two were also briefly engaged back in 1987. So maybe the third time will end up being the charm. [New York Daily News]

It seems that Angelina Jolie "went out of her way to ignore" George Clooney's new girlfriend Stacy Keibler when the two took a private jet to the Palm Springs International Film Festival earlier this month? Why would Angelina Jolie do such a thing? Unclear! But Brad Pitt was on the plane as well, so he deserves at least some of the blame for not treating Keibler like the Ocean franchise equivalent of family.  [Us Weekly[

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