'The Devil Inside' Rules the Box Office

The horror flick did even better than estimated, and out-performed all others in the domestic box office on Friday.

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So what if it's part of a seemingly durable trend of faux-found-video horror films, stretching back even before The Blair Witch Project?

Paramount's The Devil Inside racked up $16.9 million at the domestic box office on Friday, leading also-rans like Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol and the latest installment in the Sherlock Holmes franchise. The trade press aren't sure there's much more room to rise for the Devil, however.

Said Variety:

"Devil Inside" might not do much better, however, because while genre pics tend to play well in this corridor, they are front-loaded affairs with steep three-day drop offs.

Ghost Protocol, meanwhile, has brought in almost $156 million domestically since it opened.

Here's the Top 5 in gross receipts from Friday's screenings:

The Devil Inside — $16.9 million

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol — $6.2 million

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows — $4.3 million

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — $3.5 million

War Horse — $2.6 million

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