'The Dark Knight Rises' Is Already Sold Out

Batman is selling like crazy, a dead show might be revived, and a look at our friends Katniss and Peeta.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Batman is selling like crazy, a dead show might be revived, and a look at our friends Katniss and Peeta.

Never underestimate the power of nerds! Though the movie doesn't open until July 20th, several midnight IMAX showings of The Dark Knight Rises, the final film in Christopher Nolan's massive Batman trilogy, are sold out. Yup! Screenings at the AMC Lincoln Square in New York and the AMC Universal City in Los Angeles are now fully booked, which is an insane feat of not only marketing but of long-term planning! We can't even make plans a week in advance, let alone buy movie tickets for six months from now. Let's just hope everyone remembers to go. "I feel like we had something planned tonight..." "What would we be doing at midnight on a Thursday?" "I dunno, I just feel like... BATMAN!!" But by then it's too late. Literally mark your calendars, ticket holders. A big red X in marker should do. [Deadline]

Rob Marshall, who took Chicago to movie heights and Nine to cinema lows, will be tackling another stage musical-to-movie adaptation. Yes, he's been tapped to direct Stephen Sondheim's 1986 masterpiece Into the Woods. Which... makes us nervous. You can't exactly have the musical numbers in that movie just take place on an imagined soundstage, as in Marshall's other movies. Because the show very specifically takes place in the woods. Hence the title. (Well, OK, technically some of it takes place out of the woods, as you'd need to be out of the woods at some point in order to go into the woods, but y'know.) And really, other than the wonderful PBS version of the live Broadway production, the show just doesn't seem that film-able. But we're nerdy theater purists, so what do we really know about what people want to see in a movie musical? It could be great! (It will not be great.) [THR]

Uh oh/yay. In an interview with GQ, producer Mark Wahlberg (he acts too, but for the context of this story he is a producer) said that the recently canceled HBO show How to Make It in America, about the trials and travails of people who make jeans (this is actually what a television show was about), may not be fully dead. He said that they're considering shopping it around to another network, most likely either JeansTV or Dungareemundo. So that is uh oh because the show is silly and annoying and sort of makes no sense as a television program, but it's also yay because the show is silly and annoying and sort of makes no sense as a television program! It's bad in a fun way, y'see. So we're feeling a little conflicted about this. Though we do take some comfort and solace in the fact that this is actually never going to happen ever anywhere because it's just not going to. [GQ, via Vulture]

What's that? Can you hear it? There, in the distance? Do you hear it? There it is: Hunnnnngahhhhhhh. Louder now! Hunngahhhhh!!! Yes, it's the sound of Hunger Games news coming at us! Or, you know, not news per se, but another photo still from the film. This one is of Catpiss and Pitasandwich in their training gear, looking train-y. Work that spandex! Or whatever that is! And those boots! Hungerrr Gamessss guys! Only 73 days left!! [EW]

Speaking of Hunger Games (when are we not speaking of Hunger Games??) an actress from that film, Isabelle Fuhrman, has been cast in a Will Smith (and Jaden Smith) sci-fi movie to be directed by M. Night Shyamalan. (They're still letting him direct movies?) So, good for her. Though we do take one issue with this news item. While, yes, Fuhrman is in Hunger Games, it is most important to note that she is mostly known for the movie Orphan in which she played the role of [spoiler alert]... Secret Dwarf. Yes, she was the famous Secret Dwarf in that movie, which is all about a secret dwarf. Look it up. These are just facts. And they are facts that should be mentioned every time she is mentioned until the day she dies, and even past then. Here lies Isabelle Fuhrman, 1997-The Future, beloved Secret Dwarf to all. One must honor history, after all. [THR]

On the topic of Will Smith, the actor will be hosting the Kids' Choice Awards this year. In a completely unrelated story, Jaden and Willow Smith have won all of this  year's Kids' Choice Awards. [THR]

Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum have been announced as upcoming hosts of Saturday Night Live, both making their debuts on the show. Joining Deschanel as musical guest on February 11th will be Karmin, the musical duo that went from winsome YouTube sensation to unpleasant Jessie J rip-off artists in like no time flat. Sigh. [EW]

Here's a trailer for On the Ice, the well-received-at-Sundance thriller set in a remote Iñupiaq village in Alaska. Looks atmospheric! And like maybe they didn't hire professional actors.

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