Chelsea Clinton May Bolt NBC; Jeremy Renner Unhurt in Ax Fight

Plus: a distasteful (alleged encounter) with director David O. Russell

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: NBC's grand Chelsea Clinton experiment could be over at the end of the month, a different friend says Arnold Schwarzenegger and not getting back together, and Daniel craig and Rachel Weisz step out. 

Chelsea Clinton's days at NBC News could be numbered. According to a source, the contract she signed back in November was only for 90 days, and she still apparently "hasn't made up her mind yet" if she wants to remain a full-time as a special correspondent. The source also grouses that NBC created "unrealistic expectations" by overhyping the role she'd be playing. Officially, the two sides are putting on a happy face: a Clinton reps says she's "very much enjoying her time" and an NBC spokesman says the report of her imminent departure is "100% false."    [Page Six]

This one is pretty graphic one: Director David O. Russell was interviewed by police in Broward County after his 19-year-old transexual nephew accused the director of groping him in a hotel gym last Friday. The alleged incident took place while the two were working out together, and Pelonquin was describing the logistics of gender reassignment surgery, specifically "the hormones to increase his breasts." Pelonquin alleges that that's when Russell put his hands in his shirt and "felt both breasts" and informed him "one of his breasts was bigger than the other." When police interviewed the director, he indicated that if anything creepy or untoward happened, it was his cousin's doing, since he asked to help the director do ab exercises (!) and has been"causing drama since the transgender transformation and has become very provocative and seductive." It should be noted that no arrests were made as a result of the complaint, and Russell denied touching Pelonquin in a conversation with his sister Debbra. His spokesperson told The Wrap, "David O. Russell emphatically denies any wrongdoing and has cooperated fully with the authorities." [The Smoking Gun]

Jeremy Renner was uninjured during a bar brawl in Phucket, Thailand in which six club and ax-wielding tavern employees attacked the member of Renner's drinking party when one of them broke a glass. Renner's companiion Vorasit Issara, who was hospitalized after being stabbed in the neck and stomach.   [E! Online]

A friend of Maria Shriver's insists she is not, in fact, considering getting back together with  Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's not what another "friend" of Shriver's told TMZ, and still doesn't explain why two divorcing people have suddenly started wearing wedding rings again. a [People]

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz got married back in June, but waited until Wednesday to make their first appearance together on the red carpet. Despite Craig's unfortunate decision to wear a tan suit at night in January.[Us Weekly]

Matt Damon won't be making his directing debut on that untitled drama "in the vain of Erin Brockovich" he wrote with John Krasinski. Apparently there are "script issues," though Damon's still interested in starring in the film.  [Vulture]

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