Anglophone Canadiens Coach Vows to Learn French; 'Basketbrawl' Revisited

Today in sports: John Elway has some questionable advice for Tim Tebow, organizers for the London Olympics are still trying to get this whole ticket selling thing down, and the NCAA men's basketball selection committee is experimenting with radical transparency.

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Today in sports: The anglophone coach of the Montreal Canadiens is very slowly learning French, Georgetown's coach says that scary fight over the summer in China was a good thing, and John Elway has some questionable advice for Tim Tebow.

Attention Quebec Separatists: Interim Montreal Canadiens head coach Randy Cunneyworth says he's trying really, really hard to learn French. Really, what more can you ask the man to do? General manager Pierre Gauthier apologized earlier in the week for ever thinking an anglophone coach the team, even on an interim basis, and now owner Geoff Molson is saying that assuring fans that the team wants to give the permanent job to someone who can "express himself in both French and English." Let him study his vocabulary lists and coach the team without being denounced on national television.  [Montreal Gazette]

Georgetown Hoyas men's basketball coach John Thompson III is crediting that frightening brawl the team had over the summer in China for their surprising 12-1 start this season. We'd suggest Georgetown's soft early season schedule has helped more, but if Thompson wants to be known as the coach who needed a minor international incident to bring his players, that's his right. [ESPN]

In an interview with the Denver Post, Denver Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway repeatedly said that Tim Tebow just needs to "pull the trigger" on more deep throws in his first playoff start against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday, which is terrible advice. Michele Bachmann didn't even tout Tebow as a passer in that campaign ad where she kept talking about what a good president one of them would make. [The Denver Post]

The 2012 London Olympics has had its first giant ticket snafu, after hundreds of people who purchased tickets to "glamour events" like the 100 meter received passes for synchronized swimming instead.  For good measure, they also sold 10,000 more tickets than they wanted too during a recent online ordering window. To correct the synchronized swimming error, organizers are handing out more ticket from a batch of "highly desirable" seats that they had planned on withholding from the public. Organizers say everyone impacted by the mistake was "understanding" and "appreciative" when they heard what happened. We would be too if we someone sent us swimming medal heat tickets by mistake.  [Reuters]

The NCAA is going to make the "nitty-gritty reports" that are given to members of the men's basketball tournament selection committee  available online for anyone to look at. Division I men's basketball Jeff Hathaway says the says the data will give the public the experience of "sitting on the committee" while the picks are made, and will hopefully show everyone that the selection committee doesn't play favorites and that everyone votes the way the complicated formulas say they should. [USA Today]

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