Alexander Payne Can You Hear You Just Fine; Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama

Today: Alexander Payne protected his ears with pink earplugs at Fox's Golden Globes afterparty, Russell Brand and Katy Perry reportedly had a "sit-down," and Jon Huntsman's family was apparently worried about the former presidential candidate's campaign being compared to Stephen Colbert's.

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Welcome to the Smart Set. Every morning we bring you the gossip coverage, filtered. Today: Also: Alexander Payne protected his ears with pink earplugs at Fox's Golden Globes afterparty, Russell Brand and Katy Perry reportedly had a "sit-down," and Jon Huntsman's family reportedly feared the former presidential candidate's campaign was becoming Colbert-esque

At least one attendee at the Weinstein Co.'s post-Golden Globes bash was startled by P. Diddy's "controlling" treatment of maybe-girlfriend Cameron Diaz. It seems that Diddy and Diaz arrived separately at the shindig, and when Diddy arrived, he saw Diaz sitting on a couch “talking to a guy" (uh-oh), at which point he told her "Let's go." She complied, but on the way out the couple "ran into three male party guests who wanted their pictures taken with Diaz, a request she "happily obliged...until an impatient Diddy grabbed her hand, said 'Let’s go' again, and pulled her to a waiting car." The source said he/she had  "never seen [Diddy] so controlling,” but added that Diaz "seemed to like the manly power thing." [Gatecrasher]

Meanwhile, at Fox's Golden Globes after-party, The Descendants director Alexander Payne, was spotted wearing "pink earplugs and telling guests he was wearing them to protect his sensitive ears from people shouting over the loud music," which apparently did not deter fellow partygoers from jostling him and congratulating him on the film winning best drama. At the same event, which was held "in a tent at the Beverly Hilton," Shame star Michael Fassbender was spotted "puffing on a cigar" and violating California's anti-smoking laws. [Page Six]

Because the cast for Newsroom isn't quite overstuffed enough: Aaron Sorkin apparently "personally asked" an "over 6-foot-5, slim and handsome" usher who was working at the Beverly Hilton Hotel during Sunday's Golden Globes Awards to audition for a role in his upcoming HBO series. After getting the long-and-tall usher;s contact information, Sorkin reportedly said, "Casting will give you a call."  [Page Six]

Oh Courtney Love: the conspicuously self-destructive singer very nearly face-planted coming out of W magazine's Golden Globes party at the Chateau Marmont on Friday night, only to be caught by a sure-handed security guard, who escorted her to her car. At the time of the near-fall, Love was apparently "barely coherent" and "gesturing wildly" and also wearing  "a tight black leather minidress with a large red-and-blue flannel shirt," which to be fair is not terrific walking attire.  [New York Daily News]

Russell Brand and Katy Perry reportedly had a sit-down, like a couple of divorcing mobsters, at the Beverly Hills Hotel sometime over the weekend. A source says that while Brand is "determined to move on" from his 14-month marriage to Perry and has started moving his things into a house in Los Angeles he's renting, Perry "says she is still in love" with the scraggly-haired comedian and "still has hopes they might get back together."   [The Mirror via Page Six]

Apparently it was Jon Huntsman's family that talked the former Utah governor into dropping his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, forcing preppies and self-loathing Democrats to find a new candidate. Per Howard Fineman's conversations with a "top Republican source," the Huntsman family was "worried that he would be compared to Stephen Colbert" if he pressed on in South Carolina and wanted him to "preserve some dignity at the end." Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller, for his part, dismissed that reasoning as "stupid." [The Huffington Post]

Take this with a grain of salt, but British music blog NME claims to have a new poem written by Jay-Z in which he vows to stop using the word "bitch," out of respect to new daughter/collaborator Blue Ivy. [NME via Vulture]

It's Michelle Obama's 48th birthday today. Happy birthday, FLOTUS! For Washington gossip types, this raises the inevitable question: where will she have dinner? Past birthday meals have taken place The Source, Restaurant Nora and Equinox, and nobody knows where they're going tonight. But if you want to blindly speculate, the editor of Obama Foodorama -- a food blog devoted to the culinary adventures of the 44th president -- nominates D.C. area restaurants Bibiana Osteria-Enoteca ("because the Obamas seem to like Italian for celebrations") and Little Serow, a new Thai restaurant from chef Johnny Monis, who's Moni's Koni the Obamas went to on one of the date nights in 2010, as two likely options. [The Washington Examiner]

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