'2 Broke Girls' Creator on His Show's Racial Stereotypes: But I'm Gay!

Michael Patrick King had an awkward TCAs moment today.

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It was CBS' turn to face the critics at this season's Television Critics Association panel, and while most things went smoothly — the network doesn't have much to answer for beyond producing mediocre yet wildly successful shows — there was one incident that left some critics agog.

When asked about the frequency of borderline offensive racial jokes on his show, 2 Broke Girls,  co-creator Michael Patrick King immediately reacted, according to several TV critics, by blurting "I'm gay!" As in, "How could I be racist? I'm gay!" Which, oooof.

Of course King then went on, in the grand style of defenders of bad jokes, to explain that the writers aim to be equal opportunity offenders, which is a tired old dodge — "hipsters" and Asian people are not equal things to be offended equally; you can't buy Asian at Urban Outfitters. Think Progress has a more detailed account of King's remarks, but they leave the "I'm gay!" part out. But, according to Twitter at least, that was his initial reaction. Which does seem to speak to the show's lack of critical thinking when it comes to its ugly jokes.

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