Uma Thurman Slums It

Uma Thurman heads to TV, a bunch of stars head to OB/GYN, we return to the Blue Lagoon.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Uma Thurman heads to TV, a bunch of stars head to OB/GYN, we return to the Blue Lagoon. 

Uma Thurman, who hasn't been as busy since Kill Bill as we thought she might be (blame: Prime, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Be Cool, and My Super Ex-Girlfriend again for good measure for that), has decided to downsize to the small screen, agreeing to appear in five episodes of NBC's upcoming Glee competitor, Smash. That's that Debra Messing/Katharine McPhee show about putting on a Marilyn Monroe musical. Thurman will play a difficult movie star who's considering taking a role in the show. Now normally we'd be all lame lame, sad sad about this, because Uma Thurman is a Movie Star, a Tarantino Muse, who should not be stooping to be on a show like Smash, but we've seen the pilot and it's actually kinda good. Not like good good, but good. Entertaining good. Hate ourselves for being excited for it every week good. You know, like how most TV shows are good. So sure, Uma. Have at it. [Deadline]

Yesterday we heard about a long-overdue American Psycho remake, and today we get news that there's a remake of The Blue Lagoon in the works. Didn't they kind of already make that? Well, like, it wasn't a remake, but remember The Return to the Blue Lagoon with Milla Jovovich and, hahaha, that dude from Charmed? That thing was advertised in the backs of Archie comics one entire summer. Anyway, they're not remaking that, they're remaking the first one, which whatever, is still annoying. Not that The Blue Lagoon is some amazing landmark movie, it's actually weird and kind of gross and incesty, but just c'mon, guys. Oh, and, it's being remade for Lifetime: Television for Sad Saturdays. Which makes it even grosser. That said, we're grimly intrigued about what new hardbodies they're going to cast in the leads. No one from Glee, please! [THR]

OK, we know this is mean, but... That annoyingly precious 13-year-old girl on The X Factor, Rachel Crow, was eliminated last night. Yes, yes, sad for the little kid, but oh god was that robot child unsettling. Now hopefully she can go back to being a kid and not scaring us with her strange poise and irksome showmanship. So, she's gone. Yay. Sorry, that's mean, but it's also true. Look at these ridiculous dramatics! Really the worst. [EW]

They just keep casting people in the Les Miserables movie. Which makes sense, it's a huge cast! The latest person to (maybe) join the musical is Sacha Baron Cohen, who will/would play the cruel innkeeper Monsieur Thénardier. You know, Master O' the 'Ouse? Tells a saucy tale, makes a little stir? Customers appreciate a bon-viveur? You know who he is. Oh, and! Broadway hottie boombalottie Aaron Tveit, also of Gossip Girl, is going to play student revolt leader Enjoras. Ha, oh boy. This movie is gonna be one big squeal-a-thon. Oh, and it's going to be terrible. It's going to be terrible too. (Terribly good? Maybe.) [EW; Broadway World]

Here is a trailer for the Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve-esque ensemble comedy What to Expect When You're Expecting. Everyone's in it, from J.Lo to Brooklyn Decker to Matthew Morrison to Cameron Diaz. You know, all those favorites. Everyone loves the people just listed. So, speaking of expecting things, is this what we can expect more of in the future? More "Yeah, I'm in this too" smug ensemble comedies that are so bad that dogs can be heard howling for miles surrounding the movie theater? It's going to keep going until there's a big ensemble comedy called Dearly Departed about everyone dying and going to wakes and funerals and stuff. Jessica Biel will be in it, of course.

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