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We respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our job easier. But sometimes, we have no idea what they are talking about. So after a long day spent staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites. 

Modern-day Scrooges should learn the lesson of A Christmas Carol | Dec 20 20:54:54 via web

These modern Scrooge-types never learn. If they ever did, made-for-basic-cable film as we know it would cease to exist. It would be a wasteland of raunchy Canadian comedies with the National Lampoon logo slapped across the title, and Lifetime movies about men who seem too good to be true, because they're completely insane.

Sex! Drugs! Egos! Art! Life in an artists' colony: #longform #longreadsTue Dec 20 20:29:45 via SocialFlow


That 'Art!' feels somewhat awkwardly positioned, not to mention redundant. We would have gone with 'Uncomfortable Chairs!' or 'Mildew!' or 'Terrible Homemade Soaps!'

Ohio State hit with one-year bowl ban Dec 20 20:25:24 via SocialFlow


Football bowls. Because you can't ban an entire state from using bowls. Unless you're Martin van Buren. But the country was much smaller then. He could keep his eye on people to see they were doing what he told them,

How to set your booze control to hangover-free holidays Dec 20 19:35:36 via HootSuite

This is just going to devolve into another lecture about why it's important to set our chug phasers to 'responsible' this holiday season, which we knew anyway. And yes, booze control rhymes with cruise control, but we don't know what the connection is.

While under the mistletoe, impress your loved one w/ these mistletoe facts from one of our botanists #nerdloveTue Dec 20 18:24:15 via HootSuite


Or you could kiss her instead of talking her to death. But the botany facts will be nice, also.

2011 was a bizarre year for whatever you think country is, or isn't. And a great one too. #bestof2011Tue Dec 20 22:45:03 via TweetDeck

Good point! It's like trying to arguing with a 11th grader writing a college essay. Nothing is what it seems, and the passive voice rules all.

The National Zoo's baby octopus gets a new name after hundreds of suggestions #octopidcTue Dec 20 15:20:18 via HootSuite

As long as it doesn't get a trendy name like Madison or Oliver or Aidan. Give him the octopus a strong name, the Elgin the Eight-Tentacled Blob of Doom and he'll grow up strong and right.


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