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For the last What the Tweet of 2011, we're breaking from our usual roundup of random tweeters to focus on Mia Farrow, who took time to register her displeasure with Newsweek late Thursday afternoon, possibly after they retweeted this link to The Daily Beast that mentioned the Anthony Weiner's sexting unpleasantness. Merger or no merger, Farrow wasn't going to let this seemingly innocuous bit of corporate synergy stand.

Not that anyone cares but I'm unfollowing @Newsweek on principle- because they RT the sleaziest pieces of @thedailybeast #bottomfeedersThu Dec 29 20:54:58 via Twitter for iPhone

The stick.

@Newsweek I've read Newsweek all my life- you were taken seriously. I wish you would reclaim the high road- the low road is so crowded.Thu Dec 29 21:21:29 via Twitter for iPhone

The carrot.

@SeanSelby: gawker? I'm ready to join you on your unfollowing mission.” I don't follow gawker. Let's hold onews sources to a standardThu Dec 29 21:23:36 via Twitter for iPhone

The scope threatens to widen.

@Newsweek Huma Abedin is a respected woman who is a new mom & wife of A.Weiner. Their pain is not our business. Let us wish them the bestThu Dec 29 21:33:19 via Twitter for iPhone

An appeal to our better Twitter selves.

@LiberatumGlobal @newsweek of course they are free to say what they like. ( We have many tabloids.) And I am free to choose my news sourcesThu Dec 29 21:55:30 via Twitter for iPhone

Maybe the one moment where Farrow seemed off-balance. She set this right by noting that is still the United States of America.

@Newsweek more tabloid stuff From @thedailybeast ? Have you lost all perspective????Thu Dec 29 21:59:56 via Twitter for iPhone

Just as all hope seemed lost...

OH!!! I see MT @Julie_Stone: You're aware that @Newsweek merged with @thedailybeast -/Thu Dec 29 22:03:25 via Twitter for iPhone of the one they call Newsbeast got through.

@Newsweek OH!! You ARE the Daily Beast! I hadnt realized. Well we needn't say more. All the bestThu Dec 29 22:08:44 via Twitter for iPhone

Was this forgiveness or resignation? We prefer to think forgiveness. Happy New Year.

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