Matthew McConaughey: Patriotic Stripper

Matthew McConaughey disrobes for your American pleasure, Lady Gaga is a deadbeat employer, and things get hairy for Ben Affleck.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Matthew McConaughey disrobes for your American pleasure, Lady Gaga is a deadbeat employer, and things get hairy for Ben Affleck.

Ladies and gents, start your engines. Because here comes Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh's upcoming male stripper movie that is actually, really actually, getting made. And now there is a first-look photo of the important film and it features, among other things, a shirtless Matthew McConaughey (that's sort of redundant, isn't it) wearing a stovepipe American flag hat. Mmhm. Nothing more patriotic than that. And look how serious he looks! This guy is not fooling around. He means serious, sexy American business. He's got a baton and everything! It's his magic AmericaWand! Honestly it's not clear if he's about to strip or do some bit of sorcery, but either way he is certainly casting a spell, isn't he, ladies and gentlemen? Oh, and there's also the film's two leads Alex "Please let this be a hit" Pettyfer and Channing "Tube of meat-paste" Tatum. And that Joe Maganannyellio'spizza guy from True Blood. This is going to be one ridiculous movie. And boy can't we wait. [LAT]

AMC has officially renewed their freshman train series Hell on Wheels for a second season. The dreary Western, which concerns a Confederate soldier out for vengeance against the men what done up and killed his wife-lady, and costars Common, the terrible 'gangsta' rapper/national security threat, has earned a solid 3.2 million-viewer average and thus easily earned a pickup. Somewhere in the far reaches of the globe, the lone Rubicon fan sits and sulks. [Deadline]

Tracey Gold, she of Growing Pains and various Lifetime movies fame, has been cast in the awards-bait made-for-television film Arachnoquake, written and directed by Whit Stillman. Well, OK, that last part is not true. But the rest of it is. Arachnoquake is about giant albino spidahz that get released upon New Orleans after a big earthquake. That is a very real-life possibility, as it's known to nearly all students of American history that part of the Louisiana Purchase involved resettling the native giant albino spider population to reservations deep underground. It's pretty scary, actually. Even scarier, though? One of Gold's costars in the film will be Edward Furlong. Sigh, Eddie. What happened? [THR]

After interesting choice Patty Jenkins (Monster) dropped out of directing the sequel to Thor, Marvel was tasked with finding a replacement, hopefully an equally interesting one. And they have succeeded! They've gone and hired veteran TV director Alan Taylor, who has done excellent work on Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and Boardwalk Empire, just to name his HBO associations. (He's also done some excellent episodes of Mad Men.) So good for him, getting a big superhero-sized paycheck and all that. Hopefully he'll lend the film the same odd grace that Kenneth Branagh brought to the first one. And by "odd grace" we mostly mean Chris Hemsworth without a shirt. That seemed to be all the grace anyone really wanted out of that movie. [Deadline]

Here is a first photo look at Ben Affleck in his next director/writer/actor effort Argo, a drama about the Iranian hostage crisis. He's wearing a beard! No, no, Taylor Swift isn't plastered on his face, like an actual beard, a human hair beard. And he's wearing a big tie and looking at pictures of people. So we've all been there, with our beards and big ties, looking at pictures. A compelling first look! [EW]

A former personal assistant to pop novelty act Lady Gaga says that the singer and her people owe her some $380,000 in unpaid overtime, as she was forced to work through meals and basically around the clock while assisting Lady Giggles on her Monsters Ball tour last year. Though the 41-year-old lady was paid a cool $75k a year to do the dang job in the first place, she says it wasn't enough given all the hours worked. So, she's suing. As is the American way. It's hard to say who's owed what and why, mostly because it probably comes down to a pretty strict matter of contracts, but it is a little funny that the assistant is complaining about having to be Lady Guggenheim's "personal alarm clock." Gee, who would have guessed that an assistant has to help wake up a touring pop star to help her get ready? Cruel and unusual, that. [THR]

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