Manny Ramirez Can Even Make Errors While Retiring

The former Greatest Right-Handed Hitter Alive and performance enhancing substance enthusiast wants to come out of retirement to play baseball for money. Free Manny!

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The former Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez is seeking to leave Major League Baseball's retirement list, and will try to make a comeback. There is one slight hitch, as NBC Sports reports. Ramirez retired after he tested positive, for the second time, for a banned substance, meaning he would have faced a 100-game suspension. He left baseball rather than sit out for that long.

But his decision to retire means he doesn't get credit for all the games he's missed since April. If he makes a comeback, he'll have to do so while serving out a suspension anyway.

Had he never filed those retirement papers, he could have returned to the league in August and would have been all set for the opening of the 2012 campaign.

But, as such, the veteran slugger still needs to serve out half of his original 100-game punishment.

His sweet swing will surely entice some team to sit through the suspension period. For the rest of the league, there is the consoling knowledge that Manny being Manny wasn't always so much fun.

Welcome back, wild man.

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