Madonna and Football, Together at Last

Madonna will be your Super Bowl halftime entertainment, Tom Cruise wants to do Bollywood, and Bradley Cooper thinks Ryan Gosling is sexy.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Madonna will be your Super Bowl halftime entertainment, Tom Cruise wants to do Bollywood, and Bradley Cooper thinks Ryan Gosling is sexy.

If there's one thing you probably think about when you hear the word football it's pop star emeritus Madonna. Right? Just the first thing that comes to mind. And if there are two things that come to mind when you hear the word football, they're Madonna and Cirque du Soleil. Everyone associates "Vogue" and be-spandexed French Canadians with the gridiron, the pigskin, the grunt and crunch of helmet and bone. So it's fitting that Madonna and Cirque du Soleil have been chosen to play the Super Bowl halftime show in February. Well, OK, so Madonna is collaborating with Cirque du Soleil creative people, not necessarily the performers, but still. At the Super Bowl! Who's next year, Jody Watley and the cast of Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake?? Just very football, all of these choices. [Deadline]

Because she just finds rich people so endlessly fascinating, Sofia Coppola has decided to make her next movie about famous Los Angeles celebrities who got robbed by the "Bling Ring." Well, so yeah, the movie's more about the actual Bling Ring, but some of those kids were rich too! And others were this garbage dump. Good grief, do you remember Alexis Neiers? Remember Pretty Wild? That was bad even for E!. That was bad even for human beings, and human beings have done some pretty bad things over the approximately 500 years that they have existed. But now those kids will get the lovely, wistful Sofia Coppola treatment and none of us will. Unless someone reading this was in the Bling Ring? Oh god, were any of you in the Bling Ring? Odds are, yes. [TMZ]

Poor Tom Cruise. Even though he has a new Mission: Impossible movie coming out next week, he's still a little down on his luck. Cameron Crowe went and made a movie without him and Suri is off doing her study abroad on Neptune and everything. He's just a bit down in the dumps. So much so that on a recent trip to India he said that yeah, what the hell, he'd do a Bollywood movie if somebody asked him. Only nobody's asked him. Specifically he said, "I would never say no. I would love to do it." So, what are you waiting for, Bollywood people? Put this sad man in one of your joyous movies about singing and dancing chaiwalla gangsters. He's literally begging you guys, but so far his pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Poor Tom Cruise. Used to be he could make whatever movie he wanted. Now he's gotta wait for Rajendranath Zutshi to pass on a role before he's even considered. Help a guy out, Zutshi! [THR]

Showtime has renewed Lisa Kudrow's web cam show Web Therapy for a second season. Which is great and all, everyone loves Lisa Kudrow, but guys, this is not the Lisa Kudrow show that was supposed to get a second season. That would be The Comeback, but obviously that was completely bungled lo those many years ago. So this will have to suffice. But we're not happy about it, and we need to know we're being heard on that. [Deadline]

Here at last is a trailer for the long-delayed movie The Cabin in the Woods, the sorta-comedy that was produced and co-written by the great Joss Whedon. The movie stars Whedon regulars like Fran Kranz and Amy Acker, as well as graham cracker pie crust come to life Chris Hemsworth. (This was filmed before Thor.) It's a little disappointing that the movie looks so science-y with all those machines and stuff, but it's still half a Joss Whedon script! That means that it can't be that bad, right?
Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are grandmothers! Well, no, not really. They've just both been cast in a movie called Grandmothers, about two longtime friends who fall in love with each other's teenage sons. Yikes. The sons are played by Animal Kingdom's James Frecheville and Xavier Samuel, who played a twinkle hunk in Twilight: Eclipse. So can you blame them? Who wouldn't fall for the scion of a low-life Melbourne crime family or a gooey teen vampire who whines a lot? That's just what cougars are after these days. Prowl on, ladies! [THR]
Heh. Here is totally heterosexual actor, and Sexiest Man Alive, Bradley Cooper talking about how Ryan Gosling is way sexier than he is. Because remember how there was that whole thing where people wanted Ryan Gosling to be People's Sexiest Man Alive but he wasn't so everyone was mad at Bradley Cooper? This is an important issue of the day, from which the takeaway is that Bradley Cooper thinks that Ryan Gosling is sexy. That's the big news today, everyone. [Vulture]
Oh this is nice. The CW has ordered a pilot of a show written by and starring the likable, underused Sara Rue. Good for her! Though, too bad that it's basically just a female version of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Yeah, it's about two women who pretend to be lesbians and get married so they can attract men at bars stay in a nice apartment. That doesn't sound so great. But who knows! After all, when has The CW ever done wrong by us?? (Please disregard the many, many times they've done wrong by us.) [Deadline]
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