Highlights from Louis C.K.'s Ask Me Anything Reddit Visit

On the heels of the release of his latest show, Live at the Beacon Theater, comedian and star of his FX show Louie Louis C.K. made a visit to Reddit, participating in the site's ask me anything thread.

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On the heels of the release of his latest show, Live at the Beacon Theater, comedian and star of his FX show Louie Louis C.K. made a visit to Reddit, participating in the site's ask me anything thread.* He spent over two hours answering questions that ranged from career moves to his sex life. Instead of sifting through the message board, we've compiled some highlights from the comedian's best moments.

Louis C.K on sleeping with women after shows:

When you're a dad, you see every grown female, especially young ones, as possible models for your daughter's future. I remember thinking that I would never let this working woman down by fucking this chick between shows ... I don't really hang around after shows. I bolt. I think the idea of fucking someone who just watched you perform is... it's just not me. I mean, keep trying ladies. You never know! Maybe next time there won't be a well adjusted and bright young woman acting as my concious and ruining what may have been a terrificly depressing blowjob!

Louis C.K. on his on and off-stage personae:

i don't talk in person the way i do on stage because it's a performance and it's disstilled and the language is more deliberate. I make the same kind of jokes with my friends and family for sure and i have safe relationships where I can float a crazy or wrong idea and find out where it goes just as a life excercize and some times those things end up on stage.

Louis C.K. on God:

well i don't "Believe in god" i have zero idea how everythign got here. I would personally say that, if i had to make a list of possibles, god would be pretty far down. But if I were to make a list of people that know what the fuck they are talking about, I would be REALLY far down. aids.

Louis C.K. on editorial control of his show Louie:

I got it by demanding it and refusing to do the show any other way at all and by having the leverage that I was completely willing to walk away without doing the show and by agreeing to an extremely low budget so that they could offset the risk of giving me this freedom becuase they are risking less money. I have had conversations with them about very few moments in the show but zero battles.

Louis C.K. on making it in comedy:

some things don't change. You need to get on stage as much as possible and vary your stage experience as much as possible and not quit and take care of yourself and always question why you say the things you say and enjoy yourself. The context of history and technology just is what it is. I still have the same freedom because i don't care, when I'm writing, that I"m famous. It doesn't help or hurt. 

Louis C.K. on movies:

I would love yo make more movies. That is a FUCKING HARD JOB though, dude. Just to get it made. You can't even do anything else while you're tyring to get it made and then you probably won't. It's heart breaking. Then it takes a good 2 years to make and finish the movie then it maybe won't come out and then maybe it gets changed and worse than the movie not getting made, you made it, then it got changed into something you hated and then came out.
yeah. that's hard. if i can get a deal to make a movie the way I do my show, i'll do it. Otherwise... no.

Louis C.K. on his least favorite memory:

Oh my god. You just ruined my life.
Probably pissing my pants at school, everyone pointing at the giant stain in the front of my pants and laughing. I mean EVERYONE. Jimmy Carter, Liza Minelli, Butros Butros Gali, the pope before he was pope AND the kids he fucked. they all laughed at me. then I had to walk home in the cold with pissed on pants and legs and I had red rashes all over the front of my lower body when I got home. The bath I took, though? mmmmm. that was good. I pissed in there too.

Louis C.K. on his worst fan:

i was on the subway once and this old lady came up to me. she pointed right in my face and screamed and diarreah started just gushing out of her onto the floor. I'm not sure she was a fan but it was pretty awful. Also it never happened. But it will...

Louis C.K. on disappointed fans:

I have been told that people walked out of my show in a huff or somber disgust. but I never witnessed it much or had anyone come up to me. I get emails sometimes from people offended by stuff. an interesting pattern is that when I did the video about the catholic church fucking boys I got a lot of christians writing me angry emails. they all woudl follow the same pattern. "how can you say such things about the lord" and then "You are a fucking sick disgusting piece of shit" and then "If i ever see you in person I'm goign to bash your fucking scull in" and then something else violet that is like a weird physical threat that I never heard before. So... there's that.

Louis C.K on "jinxing" his career:

I don't know how to break this to you but "jinx" isn't a real thing. You don't owe that kid a coke. You'll be fine.

This post original stated the visit was not planned. 

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