Herman Cain Visits Weekend Update

Saturday Night Live tries to cram every Herman Cain gaffe into one Weekend Update visit.

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Inappropriately suggestive comments? Fierce denials of womanizing? Incessant media-blaming? Inability to identify certain prominent nations of the world, such as "the Momo Qudofi place?"

SNL's best Herman Cain line may be this one, about the summit with the candidate's wife, Gloria, before he decided to suspend his campaign for the presidency on Saturday: "I love my wife. We are (as) close to each other as any couple that I have ever known. So, four days after these allegations came out, I scheduled an appointment to talk to her. Last night, we had an intimate, productive discussion, while she glared at me and listened to Mary J. Blige."

That is dangerous, dangerous territory, Herman.


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