Fox News Hates Those Commie Muppets

The always ridiculous Fox News manages to outdo itself. 

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It's rare that, in 2011, something dumb from the Fox News operation can actually shock -- they do so much ginning up of nonsense controversies and outrages that the sheer volume tends to render it all weightless. But, behold, today we have a clip of Eric Bolling on Fox Business discussing how The Muppets movie is anti-capitalist brainwashing and it is kind of stunning!

You see the astute thesis here is that, because the villain in the new Muppets movie is a mean old oilman named Tex Richman, the movie, which was written and made well before any of the recent Occupy unrest (and y'know is for children and stuff), is indoctrinating children to hate the rich. The Muppets are stirring the pot of class warfare, which the poor, and never the other way around, is forever waging against pitiable, defenseless wealthy elites. Eric Bolling manages to drag three guests (including candy corn-victim Andrea Tantaros) into this ludicrous conversation, even the token liberal professor (so like a crazy professor to be liberal), who should know better than to get involved in such a painfully silly debate.

But involved she, and everyone else, gets! And then it's picked up by Media Matters and then the Huffington Post and the whole crazy cycle goes around and around and around.

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