'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Destroys a Football Field

Finally a new Batman trailer is out, unfortunately a new Wrath of the Titans trailer is also out, plus news of the new Punk'd

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Finally a new Batman trailer is out, unfortunately a new Wrath of the Titans trailer is also out, plus news of the new Punk'd

After a long, long wait, a first trailer for the shadowy Batman trilogy-ender The Dark Knight Rises has finally arrived. Yay! Finally some answers. Though, y’know, in true Christopher Nolan fashion, not terribly many answers. Basically we see dark looming shots of various people, Alfred getting upset, Anne Hathaway purring some suspiciously Occupy Wall Street-esque things about the haves and the have nots, and then... and then, well, a football field collapses into the earth. Yikes. Honestly it’s not the best-looking special effect we’ve ever seen, but it’s early yet! This movie isn’t out until the summertime, so they’ll probably do some polishing on it. And, really, there is so little chance this will not be good that we needn’t worry ourselves with some silly special effect. Like, even Anne Hathaway doesn’t sound terrible in that clip, and we thought she was terrible casting! Things could work out just fine for this little picture.

Something that looks just slightly less promising is Wrath of the Titans, the wholly unnecessary sequel to the gut-tinglingly awful Clash of the Titans. You know what the whole point of Clash of the Titans was, obviously? “Release the Kraken.” Not the actual Kraken, he was kind of boring, just the saying of it. Just "release the Kraken." That's all. That is the only reason anyone saw Clash of the Titans. And in Wrath of the Titans? No Kraken. Nope. Just some raggedy old titans and a giant of some kind. So what, who cares? But really the worst thing about this movie, at least judging from this clip, is the hair. Why did Perseus decide to go and get a near-Jheri curl mullet? Was that necessary, Perseus? You looked good before! Sure change is fun, keeps things interesting, but there are so many better haircuts than that one. Oh well. It’s your head, you do with it what you want. But maybe when you’re out in public, release the hat.

And now for something completely different, here’s a trailer for a new movie from Lasse Hallström, the kinda faded director who was big there for a couple years with Cider House Rules and Chocolat but then had a string of duds (An Unfinished Life, anyone? Seriously, anyone?) and had a small, if not completely unembarrassing, success with the Nicholas Sparks joint Dear John. Anyway, this one is called Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and it’s about, well, not exactly what it sounds like, but pretty close. It stars three likable folks, Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, and Kristin Scott Thomas, but the tone of the movie just seems a little... gooey. But who knows! Maybe it will be wonderful and we’ll all be giving it awards in a year. (This is not very likely.)

Interesting. NBC has purchased a “comedic drama” from producer Mariska Hargitay (among others) about the lighter side of sex crimes the behind-the-scenes world of a reality show. Sort of a Studio 60 but about reality TV. That could be very interesting! Not that Studio 60 was interesting, it was interesting in that it was such a debacle, but like, seeing something fake about reality TV. A more dramatic The Comeback maybe? The guy who wrote this “bitingly funny, risque and sophisticated melodrama” has worked on Bridezillas and Jersey Shore, so he knows of what he speaks, but hm... Melodrama? We’d rather have just regular drama. Give us a smart look at this bizarre world, if such a thing is possible. Also, cast Mariska! She’s leaving SVU soon, right? Lady needs work. [Deadline]

Accio laughs! Daniel Radcliffe will be hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live next month, marking his first time on the show. That’s exciting! Obviously there will have to be some sort of Harry Potter sketch, which is fine by us, and maybe they’ll go for Equus too? Just so long as they don’t stick him in the “just stand there and react to the wacky person” roles that some hosts get, he ought to do fine. He’s a seasoned stage pro! Plus he’s all cute and small and British. He is the anti-Katy Perry, essentially. (Katy Perry, who was so bad as host two weeks ago we thought the TV was going to sputter, wheeze, and collapse to the floor.) [EW]

Ah, terrific news everyone. MTV has formally announced that they’re bringing back everyone’s favorite long-departed show Punk’d, the show that’s too cool for an ‘e.’ Now, former P’nk’d host Ashton Kutcher won’t be hosting this time around, in fact there’s been a rumor that it will be Justin Bieber. Hmmmm. Justin Bieber hosting P’’k’d? Sounds risky. Sure he likes wearing sports caps at jaunty angles just like Ashton, but Kutcher did bring more to P’’’’d than just hats. He also brought yelling! There was a lot of yeling on P’’’’’. Can Justin Bieber do that much yelling? Will any celebrities really appreciate being pranked by Canada's answer to Mary Martin? We suppose we’ll just have to wait to find out until whenever this new version of ’’’’’’ airs. [Deadline]

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