'Community' Fans to Get Even More Annoying

Community fans find an exciting new way to be aggravating, Harrison Ford squares off against aliens once more, and R. Kelly is not nearly done with his great work.

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The Call Sheet sifts through the day's glut of Hollywood news to find the stories even non-industry types care about. Today: Community fans find an exciting new way to be aggravating, Harrison Ford squares off against aliens once more, and R. Kelly is not nearly done with his great work.

Good grief. Community, a good show in danger of being canceled by NBC, has fans. Well, saying that Community has fans is sort of like saying the Red Sox have people who like to watch their games from time to time. Meaning, Community fans tend to err on the side of crazy. They are both evangelical and oddly protective of their beloved show and are thoroughly convinced that anyone who doesn't like it is some sort of evil simp. This is a wild generalization to be sure, but it's also totally true. So now, just when we thought they couldn't get more irksome, some Community fans have decided to hold one of modern's society's more annoying events: a flash mob. Yes, they'll be storming 30 Rockefeller Center, home of NBC, tomorrow to protest the show's jeopardized status. They'll be singing Christmas tunes and wearing fake beards and oh god just being so annoying. Sorry, guys. Community is a good show! But nothing merits a flash mob. Just absolutely nothing. [THR]

Speaking of 30 Rock, here's a little wondering about what the show 30 Rock is going to do now that Kim Jong-Il is dead, considering a major plotpoint of the upcoming season involves the North Korean dictator. Probably they will just do nothing and air the episodes as filmed? This is 30 Rock, not the g.d. West Wing. Just pretend it all happened in the past or in an alternate universe or something. Who cares! It's funny. Plus hopefully it means more Margaret Cho. Beach party! [The Wrap]

Oh sweet misty Christmas. R. Kelly plans to do 32 -- 32! -- new chapters of his cult favorite one man hip-hopera Trapped in the Closet. All he needs is the funds and then it's off to the races. Woof. Where did we leave our tale? Had a dwarf shot someone? Is that what was going on? It's hard to remember. So much happens! And it's hard to tell if it's parody or if Mr. Kelly is deadly serious or what. Alls we know is that it's a glorious work of art, sure it's a little tired and cliched now but when it first came out it was great. So, godspeed to you, R. Kelly! Maybe start a Kickstarter? That seems to work for things these days. Just try not to pull out your gun for no reason and pee on shoot someone before you get the money. [TMZ]

The increasingly crusty Harrison Ford has, having learned nothing from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull or Cowboys & Aliens apparently, decided to do another thing about outerspace invaders, this time as the head of a space school or something in Ender's Game, a tween sci-fi novel adaptation that's part Harry Potter-ish academy story and half Starship Troopers-style crazy space bugs yarn. Oh Harrison. Why not do, like, something involving Nazis again? Or evil Russians on your airplane? You know, stuff you're good at. You're good at the terrestrial stuff. Stick with that. OK, yeah, sure, there's that whole Star Wars thing, but that was what, two hundred years ago? Quit livin' in the past, man. Live in the now. And there should be no aliens in the now. Not for you, anyway. [Variety]

The terrible noise machine known as Glee has somehow ensnared the vocal talents of the great Dame Helen Mirren. She apparently secretly recorded some voice over monologues that will be part of the January 17th episode. The monologues make up the previously unheard from "inner voice" of an as yet unnamed character. Oh Helen! Not you too. First they came for John Stamos, and we said nothing. But now we feel we must. Occupy Glee! Or something? [TV Line]

Existing in a dank, poorly-lit corner of the guilty pleasures bin is the Real World/Road Rules Challenge series, MTV's gunky competition show, and whoo boy look at this new season. They've gone and reunited a bunch of the rum-soaked couples that have existed in seasons past and are making them (forcing them!) to compete as teams. Yiiiikes. We're assuming that filming has ended by now so we would have heard something if someone died from murder or something, but it probably comes pretty darn close to that. This is pure filth-junk that no human eyes should ever bear witness to. That said, holy cow we can't wait to watch this damn thing! Here's an intoxicatingly gross preview.

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